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Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Vinyl Attic - Robie Porter - The Heart of the Matter (1967)

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If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address and I will put you on my list.

Robie Porter The Heart of the Matter (1967)

Rescued from the dollar bin. This was is a bit clicky in spots (we'll see how much of that comes out) but there's no real distortion. He's kind of a poor man's Anthony Newley.


A1I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do3:16
A2Am I Blue3:25
A3Teach Me To Forget2:43
A4God Bless The Child3:17
A5It's All Right With Me?2:55
A6Yesterday's Years2:52
B1So Much More2:16
B2No One Lives In My World2:28
B4The Folks Who Live On The Hill4:00
B5The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men4:24


Info stolen from This Great Site
Robie Porter (born Robert George Porter 4 June 1942) is an Australian country, pop-rock musician, producer and record label owner.
Beginning in 1959 he performed under the stage name Rob E.G. and recorded lap steel guitar instrumentals or covers of country-style vocals. On the local Sydney music charts he provided four top ten hits including two No. 1 hits with "Si Senor" and "55 Days at Peking". From 1970 Porter ran an independent record label, Sparmac, and produced three LPs for Daddy Cool
Robert George Porter was born in 1942 and raised in Ashfield, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney. He reluctantly took steel guitar lessons from the age of eight – he wanted to play football instead. Sydney TV show Bandstand featured hits from the UK and US played by Australian artists. As Rob E.G., Porter made his TV debut in 1959 performing the lap steel guitar instrumental "Sleep Walk" (originally by Santo & Johnny); he was soon signed to Rex Records and became a Bandstand regular. His first single, "Your Cheatin' Heart", a cover of the Hank Williams hit, appeared in February 1960. In 1961, Porter received severe spinal injuries in a car accident, he adapted his playing style and continued to record. Top ten hits in Sydney include, instrumentals "Si Senor (I Theenk)" which peaked at No. 1 in May 1962, "Jezabel" at No. 2 in May 1963, and "55 Days at Peking" at No. 1 in July; and the vocal single "When You're Not Near" at No. 7 in August 1964. Although not as popular in Melbourne, these four singles also peaked into the top ten.
On the advice of The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, Porter moved to the UK in 1964 where he wrote and recorded singles for Festival Records but had no chart success. During 1967 he moved to the USA and appeared in several television shows: Malibu U, Popendity, Daniel Boone, Mannix and The Immortal. In 1969 Porter co-starred in the movie Three.
In 1970, Porter was back in Australia where he purchased a controlling share of independent record label, Sparmac. He recorded three of his own singles for Sparmac before focusing on managing and promoting bands and producing records. Porter produced three of doo wop rock band Daddy Cool's LPs including their debut 1971 album, Daddy Who? Daddy Cool, which peaked at No. 1 and became the highest selling Australian album at the time. Other Sparmac artists included Rick Springfield and Healing Force. In 1973 Porter started a new label, Wizard in partnership with Steve Binder, with Daddy Cool and Springfield the new label also signed Hush, Mighty Kong and Marcia Hines. Porter and Binder also managed Springfield and introduced him to the US market.
He co-wrote the song "Shining" with Jill Wagner-Porter, which was recorded by Marcia Hines on her 1976 LP album Shining, and also wrote "Empty" and "A Love Story" on that album.
In the 1980s, Porter produced albums for Air Supply, Tommy Emmanuel and The Nauts. He returned to the US to live and worked in television production and as a horse breeder. During 2006 Porter formed another record label named, Musique, with flautist Jane Rutter.


  • Playing Hawaiian Guitar – Festival (FL31338) (1964)
  • The Voice and the Guitar: the vocal & instrumental hits of – Festival (FL31473) (1964)
  • Australia's Great Singing Star – MGM (E/SE 4397) (1966)
  • The Heart of the Matter – MGM (E/SE-4458) (1966)
  • Sings – Festival FL-32041 (1968)
  • The Guitar Sounds of – Summit (SRA 250 049) (1970)
  • 5,4,3,2,1: The Festival File – Festival (L-19003) (1988)


  • 55 Days At Peking - Festival (FX-10734) (December 1963)
  • The Great Instrumentals – Festival (FX-10809) (July 1964)
  • Adventures in Paradise – Festival (FX-10869) (December 1964)
  • Hawaii Tattoo – Festival (FX-10995) (December 1964)
  • Sings Country and Western – Festival (FX-10527) (1965)

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