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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Parking Lot Wonders - Gigolo Aunts - Full-On Bloom (1993)

Eons ago, before all the great record stores became extinct, they used to hold bi-yearly parking lot sales where CD's could be purchased for as little as 10 cents apiece.   I would stand out in the hot sun and pluck economically auditory gold from acres of cardboard boxes until my back gave out.  Many times I walked away with 1,000 plus CD's and CD singles.  Oh glorious rapture!  Those days, alas, are gone, but I still have my blessed collection.  
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If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address and I will put you on my list.

Gigolo Aunts - Full-On Bloom (1993)

These guys are good! I don't know why, but I didn't think this band was as tuneful and poppy as they are. Bloom and Serious Drugs are pretty damn fine songs. Get a copy of this one, if you can.

  1. "Bloom" (Gigolo Aunts) 4:01
  2. "Serious Drugs" (Duglas T. Stewart, Norman Blake, Joe McAlinden) 3:56
  3. "That's O.K." (Gigolo Aunts) 3:59
  4. "Little Carl" (Gigolo Aunts) 1:55
  5. "Walk Among Us" (Gigolo Aunts) 4:21
  6. "Take Me On" (Gigolo Aunts) 2:33

Info stolen from This Great Site
Full-On Bloom is an EP released in July 1993 by Gigolo Aunts. The EP includes a cover of "Serious Drugs", a 1992 single by BMX Bandits later included on their 1993 album, Life Goes On. The album cover features Chloë Sevigny. The photo appears to be from the same session as the photo on the cover of the "Mrs. Washington" single.

More great info from This Site.

Early history

The band was formed by middle school students Steve Hurley, Dave Gibbs, Phil Hurley, and Paul Brouwer in 1981 in Potsdam, New York, originally known as Sniper. In 1986 their name changed to Gigolo Aunts (after the Syd Barrett song, "Gigolo Aunt", from his 1970 album, Barrett) and became a staple on the Northern New York music scene, gaining a reputation for frenetic live sets that featured the close harmonies of the Hurley brothers and Gibbs. In the summer of 1987 the band re-located to Boston, Massachusetts and within a year were signed to Hoboken's Coyote Records (then home of the Feelies and Yo La Tengo). Their first album entitled Everybody Happy was produced by former Bongo bassist (and late version Velvet Underground member), Rob Norris, and released in 1988. After touring up and down the east coast, the band returned to Boston and began working on their follow up album with producer Paul Kolderie. Early in the sessions, Coyote Records folded, and only a handful of songs were finished. After a year of slugging in out in the Boston clubs and recording new songs with Kolderie, the band completed Tales from the Vinegar Side, which was released only in Spain on Imposible Records in 1990. The album produced a modest Boston area radio hit in "Down on Me."

Chart success

In fall 1991, the band released the "Bloom"/"Cope" 7 inch single on their own Summerville records. The single garnered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and heavy Boston area airplay, which led to a record deal with Fire Records in the UK. An EP, Full-On Bloom, was released in July 1993 and an album, Flippin' Out, made with producers Mike Deneen and Adam Lasus, was released in the UK in October 1993. The band supported Suede and the Cranberries on their first major U.S. tour and a tour of Japan. The band toured extensively in Europe in support of Flippin' Out, opening for the Wonderstuff.
After signing to RCA Records in the US early in 1994, the band released the slightly altered American version of Flippin' Out and spent the year supporting the record in Europe and America. Their biggest commercial success was the single, "Where I Find My Heaven", which featured in the soundtrack to the film, Dumb and Dumber, and as the opening music to the British sitcom, Game On. The single release of "Where I Find My Heaven" broke into the Top 30 in the UK Singles Chart early in 1995.[1] The band also composed the song, "Little Wild One", for the movie, That Thing You Do!

Later history

In the winter of 1995, drummer Paul Brouwer left and was replaced by Fred Eltringham, then of the Boston band, Jack Drag. In the fall of 1995, the band entered the studio with producer Fred Maher to record the follow-up to Flippin' Out, tentatively titled Ultraphonic. The subsequent recordings were never released and soon after Phil Hurley left the band and was replaced by 6L6 guitarist, Jon Skibic.
In 1996, after getting released from their RCA deal, the band began the long process of ending their relationship with Fire Records. In the meantime, they released an EP, Learn to Play Guitar, on the indie Wicked Disc label, which allowed them to tour extensively in support of the Wallflowers and Counting Crows.
On July 2, 1997, Counting Crows kicked off a co-headlining tour with The Wallflowers that continued through September. This tour included opening acts by Bettie Serveert, Engine 88, Gigolo Aunts, and That Dog), with each opening band touring for a three-week stretch.[2] While touring with Counting Crows, The Wallflowers were also playing their own headlining dates when the Counting Crows tour was on break (Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz experienced swollen vocal cords and had to back out of several shows in July).[3]
After settling their contract status in 1998, the band signed a new deal with E Pluribus Unum Records, a subsidiary of Universal Records owned and led by Counting Crows' singer, Adam Duritz. The band entered the studio once again with producer Mike Denneen and produced the haunting Minor Chords and Major Themes, which featured the minor hit, "Everyone Can Fly." Minor Chords was a hit in Spain and led to the band’s long-standing popularity in that country and appearance at the Benicassim Festival in 1999.
In 2000, primary songwriters Gibbs and Hurley relocated to Los Angeles to pursue songwriting for film and TV. After writing for Josie and the Pussycats and a number of TV shows, Gibbs and Hurley recorded one final Gigolo Aunts album, Pacific Ocean Blues, (produced by Chris Horvath) accompanied by Skibic and Eltringham on most tracks and by Mark Rivers and Phil Hurley on others. The album was released in Spain on Love to Art Records and in the U.S on Q Division Records.

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