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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Parking Lot Wonders - Danielle Brisebois ‎– Arrive All Over You

Eons ago, before all the great record stores became extinct, they used to hold bi-yearly parking lot sales where CD's could be purchased for as little as 10 cents apiece.   I would stand out in the hot sun and pluck economically auditory gold from acres of cardboard boxes until my back gave out.  Many times I walked away with 1,000 plus CD's and CD singles.  Oh glorious rapture!  Those days, alas, are gone, but I still have my blessed collection.  
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If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address and I will put you on my list.
Danielle Brisebois ‎– Arrive All Over You  (1994)

There are some very good songs on this CD. As AllMusic says - it came out a year or so too early. Tragic that this didn't do better. Highly recommended. 

01 Danielle Brisebois - What If God Fell from the Sky
02 Danielle Brisebois - Crawling
03 Danielle Brisebois - Ain't Gonna Cry No More
04 Danielle Brisebois - Don't Wanna Talk About Love
05 Danielle Brisebois - Just Missed the Train
06 Danielle Brisebois - Gimme Little Sign
07 Danielle Brisebois - Promise Tomorrow Tonight
08 Danielle Brisebois - Middla My Heart
09 Danielle Brisebois - Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
10 Danielle Brisebois - Did I Lead You On
11 Danielle Brisebois - Welcome to Love - Now Go Home

Info stolen from This Great Site

After a few bland movie roles during the late '80s, Danielle Brisebois went from a sweet child actress to a tigress singer/songwriter with a strong disposition. Her debut Arrive All Over You has both pop magnificence and '70s funk flair, along with fragile and thinly veiled emotions. It's unfortunate that this album went largely unnoticed during the reign of gangsta rap and grunge, for Brisebois' heartfelt songwriting is hauntingly similar to the subsequent confessional catharses of Alanis Morissette. Arrive All Over You, issued a year before Morissette's 1995 pinch-hitting Jagged Little Pill, is a soul-oriented album with its share of glossy, light, and playful lyrics from Brisebois. Songs such as "Middla My Heart" and the cover of Brenton Wood's "Gimme Little Sign" capture Brisebois' childlike sassiness, but such ear candy isn't representative of the album in its entirety. Brisebois had collaborated with producer/songwriter Gregg Alexander for several years, and he brings her anguish to life, especially on the tracks "What if God Fell From the Sky" and "Ain't Gonna Cry No More." Both tunes are outstanding lovesuckers, and fine examples of what was to come from females in rock during the '90s. Too bad Brisebois' work was lost in the shuffle, for Arrive All Over You is an earnest and impressive effort.

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