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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Parking Lot Wonders - Antenna - Sway

Eons ago, before all the great record stores became extinct, they used to hold bi-yearly parking lot sales where CD's could be purchased for as little as 10 cents apiece.   I would stand out in the hot sun and pluck economically auditory gold from acres of cardboard boxes until my back gave out.  Many times I walked away with 1,000 plus CD's and CD singles.  Oh glorious rapture!  Those days, alas, are gone, but I still have my blessed collection.  
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If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address and I will put you on my list.

 Antenna - Sway (1991)

Not bad stuff. The vocals are a little low in the mix. 

01 Antenna - Delta 88.
02 Antenna - Snakes
03 Antenna - All I Need
04 Antenna - 23
05 Antenna - Girl Who Fell to Earth
06 Antenna - Eyes of a Stranger
07 Antenna - Spinning Dreams
08 Antenna - Sleep
09 Antenna - Say a Prayer
10 Antenna - 7 Times
11 Antenna - Weight of the World
12 Antenna - Cast Away Demons
13 Antenna - Blood Red

Antenna's first album is an experiment in guitar-pop, infusing former Blake Babies John Strohm and Freda Love's Boston brand of power pop with a Midwestern flavor courtesy of guitarist Vess Ruhtenberg and bassist Jake Smith. All four members have distinguished musical records outside ofAntenna, and the competing strength of their musical personalities makes Sway sounds forced in some patches. But the record proves solid over its course, with forceful hooks battering their way into listeners' heads, and Strohm's personal lyrics giving the songs a comfortable edge. Ruhtenberg's one songwriting contribution, "Girl Who Fell To Earth" singlehandedly predicts his post-Antenna work withUnited States Three. Sway shows the band's aptitude for variations on a theme: the soft, soulful "Snakes," the funky "Say A Prayer" and wall-of-distorted-guitar closer "Blood Red" all have the same gorgeous power-pop feel.

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