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Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Vinyl Attic - 4 Out of 5 Doctors - 2nd Opinion (1982)

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A pretty good band. Probably deserved more success than they got. 

Info stolen from this great site

4 Out of 5 Doctors was a Washington D.C. based power pop band. They released an eponymous LP in 1980 produced by Alan Winstanley, and a second LP in 1982 ("Second Opinion", produced by Jeff Glixman, producer for Black Sabbath in the 1980s). The Doctors toured the United States extensively, and were involved in several early 1980s films. In the summer of 2008, after a 17-year | hiatus, 4 Out of 5 Doctors reunited for a sold-out show at the Jammin Java club in Vienna, Virginia, and performed at the 2008 Wammie Awards at the State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia, on February 15, 2009.
  • Cal Everett - Lead vocals, Bass
  • George Pittaway - Vocals, Guitar
  • Jeff Severson - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
  • Tom Ballew - Vocals, Drums
According to band member Jeff Severson, the Doctors toured with Hall & OatesRitchie Blackmore, and Pat Travers, and opened for The ClashThe CarsCyndi LauperSteppenwolfJim Carroll, and others

a brilliant idea. The Doctors' had three fine songwriters in their ranks (bassist/vocalist Cal Everett and guitarists Jeff Severson and George Pittaway), and, as a whole, the Doctors (and Winstanley) crafted an album of songs that were stylistically varied but were absolutely POP to the core. Although the album itself was geared toward a younger crowd, the Doctors' inventive arrangements were more mature than "clever", creating an album that was more "timeless" than "of its time." Of course, there were attempts to turn the Doctors into a new wave band (just listen to the quirky spy-themed "Danger Man" for proof) but their keen sense of melody saved the day. In fact, the Doctors were classic songwriters, putting as much into the verses, bridges, and middle eights as they did with their choruses. Lyrically, they were clever, not relying too much on the normal new wave themes of the time (though both "Modern Man" and the aforementioned "Danger Man" do allude to their times). The centerpiece of the album is two rockin' songs linked together that close the first side of the album, "Opus 10" and "I Want Her," both rather basic in formula but powerful in their delivery and placement on the album. A touchingly endearing album with more heart than you'd expect. ~ Stephen Schnee, AllMusic

A1Good Pretender
Written By – George Pittaway
A2Dawn Patrol
Written By – Cal Everett, George Pittaway
A3Anna With Antennae
Written By – Jeff Severson
A4Breaking Rocks
Written By – Cal Everett
A5Never Say Die
Written By – Cal Everett
B1Waiting For Roxanne
Written By – Jeff Severson
B2Lonely Ones
Written By – Cal Everett
B3Heart On A Chain
Written By – Jeff Severson
B4Call Me At Home
Written By – Cal Everett
B5Young World
Written By – Cal Everett

My Vinyl Attic - Gary O' - Gary O' (1981)

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Canadian rocker who put out a couple of pleasant new wavey records in the early 80's. I once worked with his ex-wife. A very nice lady, as I recall. 

Canadian singer and songwriter Gary O' began his recording career in 1968 as a member of a rock group called Cat. Over the next few years he went on to complete a number of popular singles and a few albums with other bands like Liverpool and Aerial. Around 1981, Gary decided to try his chances at a solo career but after a couple of albums, he went back to working with other artists.
Gary O'Connor was raised in Ontario. Music had a large spot in his life early on, since his father, Billy O'Connor, was a well-known music artist in Canada. Gary's first step into performing professionally was as part of the Synics in the early '60s. By 1964 he had moved on to the Spasstiks -- which later became Cat. Between 1968 and 1971 the group recorded a few singles under the RCA Records label. During this time, Cat kept up a busy touring schedule, performing in both Canada and the United States, opening for major acts like Janis Joplin and the Guess Who.
In 1975, Gary did his first recordings with a group called Liverpool. The band was signed to Taurus Records. Three years later Liverpool moved on to Anthem Records, and a new group name, Aerial. After a couple of years the members called it quits and Gary moved on to Kid Rainbow, and branched out into songwriting, something he found he had a natural gift for.
When the next decade began, Gary was ready for a complete change and left the mix of groups behind to do some solo work. He dropped the Connor from his name and performed under Gary O', releasing a self-titled solo debut in 1981 (a full-length album done on the RCA label). A sophomore offering, Strange Behaviour, was three years in appearing. A few of the tunes from Gary's recordings are "The Way You Look Tonight," "All the Young Heroes," "Just a Little Love," "Doin' the Best We Can," "We're All in This Together," and "Honey in the Sky."

A1All The Young Heroes3:40
A2Pay You Back With Interest2:50
A3California Goodbye5:43
A4I Believe In You3:50
B2The Way You Look Tonight3:47
B3Just A Little Love3:25
B5Been A Long Time

My Vinyl Attic - Aerial - In the Middle of the Night (1978)

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Begun in 1973 as The Beatles tribute act Liverpool, with Brian Miessner on lead vocal and bass, Malcolm Buchanan on keyboards, Laurie Currie on vocals and drums, and Gary O'Conner (Gary O') on guitar and lead vocals. The band changed their name in 1977 to Aerial and produced two albums before they broke up in 1981.
Aerial were signed to Toronto-based record label Anthem Records, along with notable label-mates Rush.
The band had a top-40 hit in Canada with "Easy Love". The song made #92 on the national RPM Magazine charts in 1978.
As 'Liverpool', two songs made the national charts. 'Dolly' hit #24 and 'Down To Liverpool' made #69, both in 1976.

Written-By – Brian Miessner
A2In The Middle Of The Night
Written-By – Brian Miessner
A3Easy Love
Written-By – Gary O'Connor
A4All Right
Written-By – Brian Miessner
A5If Only I Were Older
Written-By – Brian Miessner
B1Indispensable Thomas Hensible
Written-By – Brian Miessner
B2Race The Sun
Written-By – Laurie Currie
B3You've Got A Way
Written-By – Brian Miessner
B4Gypsy Face
Written-By – Brian Miessner

Companies etc


  • Artwork By [Graphic Assistance] – Bob King
  • Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Brian Miessner
  • Design [Album Design] – Hugh Syme
  • Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer [Percussion], Vocals – Laurie Currie
  • Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass [Six-string], Vocals – Gary O'Connor
  • Engineer – George Semkiw
  • Executive Producer – Tom Berry / Anthem Records
  • Photography – Yosh Inouye
  • Producer – Aerial (4)George Semkiw (tracks: A1 to B4), Paul Gross (tracks: A1)
  • Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Piano [Grand], Mellotron, Organ, Clavinet – Malcolm Buchanan

My Vinyl Attic - Rust Underground - Come With me (1969)

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Interesting late 60's album. Quite enjoyable.

Info purloined from this great site.

1. Come With Me (Introduction) - ;36
2. You Thought You Had It Made (Jonny Thomas) - 3:34
3. Please Return - 2:37
4. Should I - 3:31
5. Think Big - 3:57
6. Rust - 3:33
7. Delusion (Jonny Thomas) - 2:45
8. Doesn't Add Up To Me - 3:36 
9. Find A Hideaway (Jonny Thomas) - 3:38 
10. Come With Me -  4:25
11. The Endless Struggle - 2:32 
All songs by B. Hillmann, W. Monahan except where noted.

*Jonny Thomas - Guitar, Vocals 
*Brian Hillmann - Drums
*Walter "Walt" Monahan - Bass

Rust is the real deal. Originally recorded in 1969, their album, Come With Me, is something of a lost mini-classic. Originally released on the independent German label Hor Zu, and bringing it to light in the early 21st century. 
Great, psychedelic rock tunes are embellished with phased vocals, treated piano, samples of radio broadcasts, washes of organ, and electronic effects. Mind you, this isn't total freak out music, or anything. Songs like You Thought You Had It Made and Rust revel in blues licks, and rock with a genuine joy, even if the subject matter of their lyrics is somewhat pessimistic, and softer tunes like Please Return and the gorgeous Find a Hideaway are full of acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies.
For a reference point, listening to it I hear a lot of The Deviants, with touches of the 13th Floor Elevators. It's melodic rock that likes to experiment.
by Jeff Fitzgerald