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Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Vinyl Attic - Honk - Self-Titled (1973)

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If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address and I will put you on my list.

Honk - Self-Titled (1973) 

I just bought a new copy of this album and thought I'd digitize a version that has been through my Klaudio discwasher. It also sounds really good. And this is with an Ortofon Blue instead of my beloved Shure cartridge. 

The album sounds great.  I don't hear any problems on the headphones.  I've always liked this record.  I picked it up at the Canadian Tire Mall, near the Brewer's Retail in Oshawa.  They had a rack of cheapies out front of this record store (I can't remember the name of it) and I used to pick up vinyl there anytime I could scrape some money together.  It's sort of light jazz/fusion vibe with some west coast sound thrown in. Though there are 12 songs listed below, this is a vinyl copy and only has 11 songs.  (unless I've made a mistake.)

Info stolen from This Great Site

Special thanks to vijfjuli for the post. 
Southern California quintet Honk ranks as one of the most highly under appreciated units to have made their musical mark in the mid-’70s. Consisting of Craig Buhler (reeds/flute), Beth Fitchet (guitar/vocals), Tris Imboden (drums/percussion), Richard Stekol (guitar/vocals), Don Whaley (bass) and Steve Wood (keyboards/vocals). Part of their misplacement in rock history may have been derived from having released two different albums for two different record labels, both simply bearing the band’s name.
The only ostensibly distinguishing factor was that this collection, their 1973 debut, was issued on the short-lived 20th Century Records imprint, while their follow-up, Honk [1974], hit the shelves on Epic and included Will Brady (bass), who permanently replaced Whaley. The combo’s completely original repertoire is a reflection of several strong and sonorously distinct personas. Perhaps as the sole female voice, Fitchet’s organically expressive and concordant vocal contributions are particularly rewarding.
She vacillates between the moody and introspective “Buckeyed Jim” — similarly spotlighting Honk’s formidable harmonies — and the affably funky Linda Rondstadt-esque belter “I Wanna Do for You,” which opens the effort. However, it is the portentous beauty of “Circles in Sand” that is unquestionably her finest offering.
The soulfully syncopated “So Much Easier” is a platform for Wood’s clever arranging and breath-defying, tongue-twisting lyrics. He also turns in the equally catchy “Another Light,” as well as the compelling open throttle “Hidin’ Out.” Another standout is Stekol’s bluesy “We’re on Wheels” that bops around a walkin’ rhythm juxtaposed against a jaunty backbeat.
Honk [1973] concludes with arguably their best-known tune, the group-composed instrumental “Pipeline Sequence.” While certainly not surf music in the traditional sense, it garnered substantial airplay on a few of the hipper North American radio stations — thanks to being prominently featured in the cinematic cult classic Five Summer Stories (1972) not to mention grabbing the top spot on the play list of POI in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2004 Hip-O Select brought the platter into the 21st century with eight previously unavailable tracks to boot. (Lindsay Planer, All Music Guide)
Track Listing
  1. I Wanna Do For You
  2. So Much Easier
  3. Don’t Let Your Good-Bye Stand
  4. Circles In Sand
  5. Caught On A Greyhound
  6. Another Light
  7. We’re On Wheels
  8. Hidin’ Out
  9. I Wanna Stay
  10. Money Slips Through My Fingers
  11. Buckeyed Jim
  12. Pipeline Sequence