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Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Vinyl Attic - Billy Preston - I Wrote a Simple Song (1971)

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The vinyl sounds great.  I bought this at the old Moby on Ventura for 2 bucks.  This has the very first song I heard by Billy. (Outa-Space)  He was a very talented and a very troubled man.  I hope he's finally at peace. 

Should've Known Better
Written-By – Billy Preston, Joe Greene
I Wrote A Simple Song
Written-By – Billy Preston, Joe Greene
John Henry
Written-By – Billy Preston, Robert Sam
Without A Song
Written-By – William Rose*, Edward Eliscu, Vincent Youmans
The Bus
Written-By – Billy Preston, Joe Greene
Written-By – Billy Preston, Joe Greene
The Looner Tune
Written-By – Billy Preston, Jesse Kirkland, Joe Greene
You Done Got Older
Written-By – Billy Preston, Bruce Fisher
Swing Down Chariot
Written By – Public Domain
God Is Great
Written-By – Billy Preston, Joe Greene
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Written By – Public Domain


My Vinyl Attic - Chelsea - Underwraps (1989)

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The vinyl on this album sounds great.  Interesting that they would choose to cover the Clash on their first song.  

A1 Somebody Got Murdered 3:21
A2 Cheat 3:04
A3 Give Me Mercy 3:54
A4 Nice Girls 4:12
A5 No Respect 3:51
B1 Life Of Crime 4:00
B2 Switchblade 2:39
B3 Fool 3:17
B4 Time After Time 3:05
B5 Come On 4:08


Vocals - Gene October
Bass - Paul Lincoln 
Drums - Jamie Abethell 
Guitars - Steve Tannett 
Additional Guitars - Willy Grip
Keyboards - Willy Grip
Acoustic Guitar - Willy Grip
B5: Live jam with Topper Headon on drums, Henry Padovani on guitar, Steve Tannett on guitar

 Info stolen from This Great Site
Chelsea are an English punk rock band, formed in London in 1976.
Three of the four original band members went on to help found Generation X. More than two decades after its release, "Right to Work", Chelsea's debut single, was included in Mojo magazine's list of the best punk rock singles of all time

The original line-up was frontman Gene October, William Broad (later and better known as Billy Idol) (guitar), Tony James (bass) and John Towe (drums, who had come from London SS along with James). After a few gigs, the other three left October to form Generation X. October then recruited Carey Fortune (drums), Martin Stacy (guitar) and Bob Jessie (bass), with the last two soon replaced by Henry Daze (Henry Badowski) and James Stevenson (who also later joined Generation X). This rapid turnover of band members (Simon Cade Williams, aka Simon Vitesse, joined the band as bassist in 1977 for UK tour and the single: "High Rise Living") was characteristic throughout Chelsea's existence, with October the only constant presence.
Their first single, "Right to Work", dealing with unemployment, was their most popular song. After spending 1977-78 touring in the UKand overseas, they released their first album, Chelsea, in 1979. Their second LP, Alternative Hits, was released in 1980. At this time the band split and October put together a new line-up, including guitarist Nic Austin, which recorded the critically acclaimed albumEvacuate'.
October put out albums sporadically with various line-ups throughout the 1980s, including Rock Off, Original Sinners and Underwraps. In the early 90's Chelsea toured The Alternative and Traitors Gate albums with the return of Nic Austin and new recruit Mat Sargent on bass. In 1999 the line-up from the first album reformed for the 'Social Chaos Tour' across North America. The live album Metallic F.O.was recorded at CBGBs in New York during this tour. The band released the studio album, Faster, Cheaper and Better Looking in 2005 with Tony Barber from The Buzzcocks on bass.
In 2011 Nic Austin & Mat Sargent returned to the band along with James Stevenson. Chelsea continue to tour and are reputedly recording new material for a new album.

Friday, December 6, 2013

My Vinyl Attic - Dragon - Body and the Beat (1984)

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The viny sounds great.  The first song is especially catchy.  This album is a lot better than the title would lead you to believe.  Wow! Someone is trying to sell a copy that isn't as good as this on the internet for 95 bucks.  Is it that rare?



Wilder World


Cool Down

Body And The Beat



What Am I Gonna Do?


Companies etc

 Info stolen from This Great Site
With the unofficial start of summer looming on the near horizon the time to break out good summer music is upon us.

Few CDs scream summer to me the way most of the albums Dragon released in the eighties do.  I'd argue that no other band captured the overall atmosphere and spirit of summer in musical form the way Dragon did.  

In 1979 after firing vocalist Marc Hunter and trying to continue without him Dragon split up and Marc Hunter released a couple of solo albums (Fiji Bitter and Big City Talk).  In the early 80s Dragon decided to have another go at it.  They updated their sound a bit and capitalized on the success of Hunter's Big City Talk album and single as the springboard to catapult them back onto the Aussie charts after a four year absence with the single Rain.  
Rain was so successful the band headed back to the studio to record a full album leaving enough space to include their latest hit... The Body and the Beat was born.  Before even opening the LP, CD, or cassette sleeve the album cover suggests opening the windows to let the summer breeze flow through.  

From the first bars of their hit single Rain through to the closing bars of Fool  Dragon gives the listener a full on blast of that summer breeze.  The album is further augmented by hits like Cry andMagic.  But capturing the overall vibe of summer the best is Cool Down.  You can see the heat shimmering off the pavement, the hot sun beating down on you, the sweat forming in droplets on your forehead.  This song so perfectly captures the heat of summer that even on the coldest days of winter listening to this song makes me want to crank the AC.

The upbeat vibe of Promises (So Far Away) captures the magic and fun of summer nights and further establishes the whole summer vibe of the album: 

The moon is a sunlight
It shines in the night

While it sounds dated today the title track, The Body & the Beat is a fun song with Todd Hunter's solid bass chops taking center stage.  The truth is, there's not really a bad track on the album-- there are good ones and great ones.  If you can find this classic Aussie gem GET IT save it for a hot summer day, roll down the windows, turn up the volume and enjoy the soundtrack of summer in full force.

My Vinyl Attic - The Other Ones - The Other Ones (1987)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

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The vinyl is in ver good shape.  The music is keyboard heavy 80's music.   Not bad, not great. 

01 Holiday
02 Stay With Me (It's Not Forever)
03 We Are What We Are
04 Losing It
05 Moments
06 He's a Man
07 All the Love
08 All Day, All Night
09 It Makes Me Higher
10 Stranger 

Info stolen from This Great Site 
The Other Ones was a band that consisted mainly of Australians, but was based in Berlin, Germany in the late 1980s. The band consisted of Alf Klimek (vocals), Jayney Klimek (vocals), Johnny Klimek (bass), Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski (guitars), Stephan Gottwald (keyboards) and Uwe Hoffmann (drums).
After traveling throughout the world in the late 1970s as a puppeteer and then a singer, Alf went back home to Melbourne, Australia to collaborate with his younger brother Johnny in a more musical direction. Together they returned to Berlin, West Germany in late 1983 and along with Johnny's twin sister Jayney (who had been in a band back in Australia as well) created the musical group "The Other Ones," enlisting three local Berlin musicians, guitarist Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski, keyboardist Stephan Gottwald and drummer Uwe Hoffmann.
They signed to Virgin Records in 1984 and an album of music was recorded in Sussex, England at Comfort's Place Studios. They also shared the same management as the bandAlphaville, and they based themselves in Berlin.
Their self-titled album was released in late 1986. Their first single "We Are What We Are" peaked at #53 on May 30, 1987 and their song "Holiday" peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #29 on October 17, 1987. Music videos for the two songs were also released.
(The song "Holiday" was remixed and re-released as "Another Holiday" in 1991.)
After touring worldwide for almost a year on the success of the album, they quickly began to put together a second album. In 1988 the album Learning to Walk was released by Virgin Records, but none of the singles released in support of the album charted worldwide.
In 1990, less than five years after beginning the group, Alf left, in essence dissolving the band.