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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Laughables # 13

Photo: amazing horse

Want proof that reincarnation is real? Just ask Rick James.  

Certain dogs have eating habits that require the Heimlich maneuver three or four times an hour. 

"Twinkies have just gone bankrupt. I sure hope Frosted Flakes aren't next."

Time for the bride to go on a diet?

Wearing metal underwear in the middle of winter looks great but people keep getting their tongues stuck to her bra. 

White men are finally coming to terms with a second Obama presidency.  

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

Laughables #12

Photo: ~~ pretty ♥ ~~

"Kittens of Anarchy"

Photo: Today, President Obama and daughters, Sasha and Malia, pardoned Cobbler, the 2012 National Thanksgiving Turkey, in a ceremony at the White House:

Obama pardons a turkey that was so white, it voted for Mitt Romney.

This really reduces his wait time at the Burger King drive-thru.  

From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow.

Ralph always enjoyed knockin' back a couple of quick stingers before going home to the wife.

"I swear honey, Richard Gere and I are just friends!"

"He's running a fever. Do you think it's safe to eat him?"

Laughables #11

Photo: by : Eic Jemmy P

Baby or not, it was dangerously huge and the authorities were forced to flame thrower it to death.


It doesn't matter how much cheese you've eaten in your lifetime, Camp Regularity will get you going again.

Apparently, they're still at it in the deep south.

No matter how we tried, we just couldn't keep grandpa of the bottle.

"You assholes must be part of that 47% I've been hearing so much about!"

Test: Try and spot the duck that will end up on a reality show.

This is one of the premier restaurants in the world for eating Barbecued Orphans.

Matches designed especially for setting the one you love on fire.

"Shit! No wonder cats keep trying to eat me."

My Vinyl Attic - Bobby Sherman - The Scrapbook Album (1970)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl sounds great and I'm listening on headphones.  It's got the big hit  and the rest of the album has some enjoyable songs.  

01 julie, do ya love me.mp3
02 sweet gingerbread man.mp3
03 i think i'm gonna rain.mp3
04 i'll never let you go.mp3
05 show me.mp3
06 sweet touch of life.mp3
07 hey, mister sun.mp3
08 spend some time lovin' me.mp3
09 oklahoma city times.mp3
10 message to my brother.mp3
11 good for each other.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - DeFranco Family - Save the Last Dance for Me (

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl sounds terrific.  I managed to find a copy that wasn't played by a pre-teen girl.  The songs are poppy.  They were the Canadian answer to The Osmonds.   

defranco family 1-1 save the last dance for me.mp3
defranco family 1-2 love the way you do.mp3
defranco family 1-3 the only one.mp3
defranco family 1-4 because we are both young.mp3
defranco family 1-5 write me a letter.mp3
defranco family 2-1 hold me.mp3
defranco family 2-2 i guess you already knew.mp3
defranco family 2-3 poor boy.mp3
defranco family 2-4 baby blue.mp3
defranco family 2-5 maybe it's you.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - The 5 Americans - I See the Light (1966)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl sounds good.  I don't hear any problems with it.  These albums usually sound like shit but the de-clicker do a magnificent job here.  The music is very 60's and a nice listen.

01 I See the Light.mp3
02 the losing game.mp3
03 goodbye.mp3
04 I know they lie.mp3
05 twist and shout.mp3
06 she's-a-my-own.mp3
07 the train.mp3
08 It's a Crying Shame.mp3
09 I'm so glad.mp3
10 don't blame me.mp3
11 the outcast.mp3
12 What'd I Say.mp3

Five Americans was a 1960s American band, most famous for the song "Western Union", which reached #5 in the U.S. Billboard chart, and was their only single to chart in the Top 20. "Western Union" contains the most repetitive word or phrase (in this case, the imitative word "dit") in a Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 record.

The Five Americans, previously known as The Mutineers, were from Durant, Oklahoma (Southeastern State College). For a short while after their hits "I See The Light", "Western Union", "Sound of Love", "Evol Not Love" and "Zipcode", they toured. However, their manager, Jon Abdnor Senior, president and owner of Abnak Records and Bankers Management and Services Insurance Co., was allowed control of their finances. After Abdnor's death in 1996, all rights to their songs should have reverted to the original group, but Sundazed Records bought the original tapes. The Five Americans had at least five singles in, or close to, the Top 40 and are now receiving the sales and publishing royalties.

The Five Americans broke up in 1969 and went their separate ways. Mike Rabon had a successful touring career afterwards, released two albums that sold well, and played guitar for the Tyler, Texas, pop group, Gladstone, whose "A Piece of Paper" reached #45 in October 1972. He later returned to college and acquired a master's degree in public school administration, and has been in the Oklahoma school systems for 28 years. John Durrill, the keyboardist, wrote "Dark Lady" for Cher and "Misery and Gin" for Merle Haggard, and was also a member of the touring band The Ventures. He now lives in Los Angeles. Norman Ezell (guitar and harmonica) was a teacher and minister in Northern California. Ezell died of cancer on May 8, 2010 at the age of 68. Jim Grant, bassist died on November 29, 2004. Jimmy Wright (drummer) is living in Ohio and is a videographer for Breakthrough Ministries.

As of July 2008, there was an online petition to induct the Five Americans into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The petition amassed over four hundred signatures.

In 1966 & 1967, this Dallas group enjoyed some modest national success with the number five hit "Western Union," as well as a few other Top 40 entries, "I See the Light," "Zip Code," and "Sound of Love." Dominated by high, bubbling organ lines and clean harmony vocals, the group favored high-energy pop/rock far more than British Invasion or R&B-inspired sounds, although a bit of garage/frat rock raunch could be detected in their stomping rhythms. Recording prolifically throughout the last half of the '60s (often with ex-rockabilly star Dale Hawkins as producer), and writing much of their own material, they were ultimately too lightweight and bubblegum-ish to measure up to either the era's better pop/rock or garage bands. Their 1966 hit "I See the Light" is their toughest and best performance.

My Vinyl Attic - Salt & Pepper - Original Picture Score (1968)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

This album was a bit clicky when I played but it has cleaned up and de-clicked nicely.  I'm listening to it through speakers at the moment and it sounds terrific.  Sammy only sings two songs on this album but they're fun.  The rest of the album has that cool - or trying to be cool- late sixties movie music.  

salt and pepper 1-1 salt and pepper (sammy).mp3
salt and pepper 1-2 fine flavour.mp3
salt and pepper 1-3 chase in a mini moke.mp3
salt and pepper 1-4 quietly with feeling.mp3
salt and pepper 1-5 submarine chase.mp3
salt and pepper 2-1 i like the way you dance (sammy).mp3
salt and pepper 2-2 it happens quietly (vocal group).mp3
salt and pepper 2-3 flight for an island.mp3
salt and pepper 2-4 flight for an island b.mp3
salt and pepper 2-5 fine trad flavour.mp3
salt and pepper 2-6 quiet ending.mp3