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Friday, October 26, 2012

My Vinyl Attic - Kenny Nolan - Kenny Nolan (1976)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl is in great shape.  I don't hear anything wrong with it.  The hit is one of those songs I remember well from back in the day.  Most of the songs are of that ilk only not as catchy.  Soft, pop.

01 i like dreamin'.mp3
02 my jole.mp3
03 if you ever stopped callin' me baby.mp3
04 time ain't time enough.mp3
05 my eyes get blurry.mp3
06 love's grown deep.mp3
07 walkin' up to love.mp3
08 monette.mp3
09 today i met the girl I'm gonna marry.mp3
10 my world  will wait for me.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Nancy Wilson - Naturally (1967)

I very rarely get an album that is in this kind of shape.  Wonderful sound and you could hardly hear a click or a pop.  I've de-clicked the few that were there.  Nancy is one of the greats and these albums from the mid 60's are wonderful.

01 in the dark.mp3
02 ten years of tears.mp3
03 since i fell for you.mp3
04 you ain't had the blues.mp3
05 willow weep for me.mp3
06 my babe.mp3
07 just for a thrill.mp3
08 alright, okay, you win.mp3
09 i wish i didn't love you so.mp3
10 smack dab in the middle.mp3
11 watch what happens.mp3
12 ain't that lovin' you.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Southwind - What A Place to Land (1971)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

This album is in exceptional shape.  Very nice sound.  The record is quite good, energetic rock and roll.  I have no idea what the cover is trying to convey.

01 slippery john.mp3
02 beside the mountain.mp3
03 the best part.mp3
04 please don't hitchhike.mp3
05 back in the band.mp3
06 bootleg woman.mp3
07 baby games.mp3
08 dynamite.mp3
09 buzz me.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Les Brown and his Band of Renown - Les Dance! (LP)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

I was stunned when I put this on the turntable.  This is an old slab of vinyl.  I can't even find a pic of it on the web, though the real cover is very cool.  The second side wasn't quite as pristine but both de-clicked to practical perfection.  This is gorgeous.  The music is very pleasant with some nice vocals on standards of the day.

01 my heart belongs to daddy.mp3
02 if i loved you.mp3
03 flip lid.mp3
04 red sails in the sunset.mp3
05 in the cool, cool, cool of the evening.mp3
06 saturday night mambo.mp3
07 now about you.mp3
08 kiss of fire.mp3
09 let it be.mp3
10 you forgot your gloves.mp3
11 i'll be around.mp3
12 forty cups of coffee.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Fringe Benefit - Fringe Benefit (1977)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl is in great shape.  The de-clicking just about took any problems out of this record.  The music is mostly pleasant rock.  The lead singer has a good voice.  The real gem on this is Was God An Astronaut which is one of the worst and most ill-conceived songs in the history of rock.  Worth the price of the album alone.

01 all in vain.mp3
02 darling.mp3
03 was god an astronaut.mp3
04 wanna be with you.mp3
05 suzanne.mp3
06 patterns.mp3
07 all shook up.mp3
08 when she's next free.mp3
09 the ballad of phylis prewitt.wav
10 let a light shine.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Cecile Frenette - Cecile Frenette (1982)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

This vinyl is in exceptional shape.  A few minor clicks that came out. I worked with Ms. Frenette back in the 80's and she was a super nice person with an amazing voice.  I don't know if all these songs do her justice.  There are some highlights here, but this girl had incredible talent.  What a set of pipes!

01 the masquerade is over.mp3
02 magic feeling.mp3
03 look and see.mp3
04 but beautiful.mp3
05 never had a dream come true.mp3
06 what am i to do with me.mp3
07 hello like before.mp3
08 are you holding me.mp3
09 our love is here to stay.mp3
10 never can say goodbye.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - The Free Movement - I've Found Someone of My Own (1970)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl on this album is mostly great.  The 5th Dimension-lite music is nice enough.  As you'll notice I didn't break up tracks 2 & 3 because the break between the songs would have probably cut into one of the tunes. It's my policy, when songs blend into one another, I leave them that way.

01 i've found someone of my own.mp3
02 & 3  land where i live - sone of the zulu king.mp3
04  if only you believe.mp3
05 love the one you're with.mp3
06 coming home.mp3
06 the harder i try.mp3
07 i know i could love you better.mp3
08 your love has grown cold.mp3
09 could you believe in a dream.mp3
10 where do we go from here.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - David Geddes - Run Joey Run (1975)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

The vinyl is in great shape.  What a strange cover.  The title song is a hoot.

Info stole from This Great Site

David Geddes, “Run Joey Run” (Big Tree Records, 1975): Boy meets girl. Boy knocks up girl. Girl’s father kills girl while trying to kill boy. No, they don’t write ‘em like that anymore, and after hearing Michigan native David Geddes’ “Run Joey Run,” the Top Ten hit that kicks off his album of the same name, you’re likely to wish they’d never written ‘em like that in the first place. “Daddy, please don’t/It wasn’t his fault!” shrieks “Mary,” the young lady who’s now in the family way, thanks to boyfriend Joey; any doubts that she might not be completely delusional evaporate when Mary adds (in a Noo Joizee screech) “we’re gonna get maaarrreeed!” Papa doesn’t preach: knowing how well unions built on accidental pregnancies generally turn out, he grabs his gun instead. A shot rings out, Mary jumps in front of Joey, and…the dual wedding-shower/baby-shower can be safely called off. Since “Run Joey Run” predated the music-video age, the good people behind the album were generous enough to commission artist James McMullen to render the tragic story in watercolors on the cover. Best of all, the lyrics are included in between the illustrations, just in case you want to squeal along. The rest of “Run Joey Run” includes heart-rending tunes like “Frankie, I’m So Sorry,” about a guy who teaches his girlfriend to do the Hustle and lives to regret it when she begins doing a bit of hustling of her own at the disco. There’s also “Wait For Me,” a duet between Geddes and a hard-belting little girl, which could be put to optimum use in prisons nationwide if that silly old ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” is ever lifted. And don’t miss “What Will My Mary Say,” in which the weak-willed Geddes is lured by a temptress whose voice is almost as arousing as the one that gives out the time on the phone, or “Let Me Hear It Out There,” a wallow in self-adoration that would make even Diana Ross blush. Mr. Geddes scored one more hit single in 1975 with “The Last Game of the Season (A Blind Man In The Bleachers),” another tear-jerking three-minute soap-opera that’s not included on this collection. (Apparently, the B-side of “Blind Man” was “Run Joey Run,” thus allowing you to get all David Geddes’ greatest hits for the price of one 45rpm single: Bonus?)

01 run joey run.mp3
02 frankie, i'm so sorry.mp3
03 wise up girl.mp3
04 changing colors.mp3
05 wait for me.mp3
06 sneaking 'round corners.mp3
07 what will my mary say.mp3
08 give her what she wants.mp3
09 when you're number one.mp3
10 let me hear it out ther.mp3

My Vinyl Attic -Sandy Nelson - And Then There Were Drums (1968)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

They vinyl is really good shape.  This is not the album cover.  I couldn't find on line.  Is this album that obscure?  Anyway, there's lots and lots of drums on it.  Especially the second side.  And, for all you Christopher Walken fans...there's even some cowbell!

01 civilization.mp3
02 and then there were drums.mp3
03 alexes.mp3
05 chicka boom.mp3
05 jump time.mp3
06 drums - for drummers only.mp3
07 drums - for strippers only.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Nancy Wilson - Gentle Is My Love (1965)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

This album was not in very good shape.  Fortunately, the de-clicking and removing the surface noise got rid of most of it.  The last couple of songs on side two have some distortion but it's not in the music or voice - just annoying (but not bad)  I'm a huge fan of Nancy.  Great voice and there are some nice tunes here.

01 Who can I turn to (when nobody needs me).mp3
02 there will never be another you.mp3
03 if love is good to me.mp3
04 my one and only love.mp3
05 funnier than funny.mp3
06 more.mp3
07 gentle is my love.mp3
08 at long last love.mp3
09 time after time.mp3
10 if ever i would leave you.mp3
11 when he makes music.mp3

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Vinyl Attic - The DB's - The Sound of Music

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

This vinyl is in great shape.  I don't really hear any problems with it.  One of the truly great pop bands and criminally overlooked by a stupid music-buying public.  

the db's - 1 - never say when.mp3
the db's - 2 - change with the changing times.mp3
the db's - 3 - i lie.mp3
the db's - 4 molly says.mp3
the db's - 5 bonneville.mp3
the db's - 6 - any old thing.mp3
the db's - 7 - think too hard.mp3
the db's - 8 working for somebody else.mp3
the db's - 9- never before and never again.mp3

the db's - 10 - a better place.mp3
the db's - 11 - looked at the sun too long.mp3
the db's - 12- today could be the day.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Robert Horton - the very thought of you (1964)

The vinyl was pretty good on this one but I think I can hear a few little clicks and such.  I'm a bit psychotic about that.  Overall - it's very, very good.  No distortions on his resonant voice or the orchestra.  The music is basically a celebrity who can sing doing standards.  Pleasant enough

01 the very thought of you.mp3
02 summer green and winter white.mp3
03 love is here to stay.mp3
04 call me irresponsible.mp3
05 p.s. i love you.mp3
06 unforgettable.mp3
07 hey there.mp3
08 time after time.mp3
09 young only yesterday.mp3
10 witchcraft.mp3
11 when the sun comes out.mp3
12 joey, joey, joey.mp3

Les My Vinyl Attic - Les Brown and his Band of Renown - Les Dreams (1954)

There is surface noise on this record. (this is not the cover - apparently the EP is so obscure, I couldn't find a pic of it online.) But, being that it's from 1954 and a 10"er, the music is very nice.  Not distorted, just some background stuff I couldn't get out.

01 dream.mp3
02 a million dreams ago.mp3
03 i guess i'll have to dream the rest.mp3
04 darn that dream.mp3
05 street of dreams.mp3
06 did you ever see a dream walking.mp3
07 i dream too much.mp3
08 i dream of you.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Hogan's Heroes Sing the Best of World War II (1966)

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

There's a tiny bit of noise on the first track of the second side.  Other than that, this is pretty good vinyl.  Hearing Richard Dawson sing a spiritual at the end of the album is worth the price of admission.  There are some hoppin' arrangements here and there on this.

01 hogan's hero march - hogan's heroes.mp3
02 shoo shoo baby (ivan dixon).mp3
03 don't sit under the apple tree (Robert Clary).mp3
04 praise the lord and pass the ammunition (Ivan dixon & hogan's heroes).mp3
05 this is the army mister jones (hogan's heroes).mp3
06 nightingale sand in berkley square.mp3
07 lili marlene (larry horvis).mp3
08 the last time I saw paris (robert clary).mp3
09 spring will be a little late this year (larry hovis).mp3
10 this is worth fighting for (richard dawson).mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Dennis Weaver - Dennis Weaver (1972)

The vinyl is good here.  I had something stuck in the grooves on the first track but I think I got rid of it.  Very nice sounding vinyl.  The music is okay.  Dennis isn't much of a singer.  He also writes a couple of songs.  

01 another way.mp3
02 ode to a critter (Fish, bird & cow song).mp3
03 lonesome to the lonely.mp3
04 i'd rather be with you than anyone.mp3
05 20th century man (our man is coming).mp3
06 where have the wild blackberries gone.mp3
07 no name.mp3
08 learn to love.mp3
09 i still sing 'jesus loves me'.mp3
10 time.mp3
11 work through my hands, lord.mp3

My Vinyl Attic - Bonanza - Ponderosa Party Time (1962)

The vinyl here seems very good.  I've left the entire sides as one because there's a little story narrative between songs. It's pretty cheesy stuff.  If maybe why Pernell decided to leave the show.

01 Bonanza
02 Sourwood Mountain
03 Sky Ball Paint
04 Early One Morning
05 Ponderosa
06 Careless love
07 Skip to My Lou
08 In the Pines

01 Happy Birthday
02 My Sons, My Sons
03 The Hangin' Blues
04 Shenandoah
05 Miss Cindy
06 The Place Where I Worship (Is the Wide Open Pines)

My Vinyl Attic - Alan Case - The Deputy Sings (1959)

This album was in really good shape.  I really don't hear much and it's challenging because he has a deepish voice, which will cause distortion or shabbier records.  Allen does an okay job singing standards.  You kind of wish he'd bust loose by the end of it but maybe that wasn't his strength.

01 bewtiched.mp3
02 the very thought of you.mp3
03 don't blame me.mp3
04 again.mp3
05 someone to watch over me.mp3
06 these foolish things.mp3
07 i'm always chasing rainbows.mp3
08 i only have eyes for you.mp3
09 my romance.mp3
10 for all we know.mp3
11 that old feeling.mp3
12 i'll be seeing you.mp3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Vinyl Attic - Robert Charlebois - Vol. 2

If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    This vinyl was pretty good.  I think it cleaned up very well.  I don't hear a lot of distortion through the speakers.  The music is eccentric as much of Robert's music is.  I'm sure there would be a few laughs in these songs, if I only spoke French.  

    01 divertimento.mp3
    02 chanson pour mouffe.mp3
    03 si vous voulex valser grande-mere.mp3
    04 le raseur.mp3
    05 des prunes pour et sam.mp3
    06 les ouaouarons.mp3
    07 ta chambre.mp3
    08 mais rappelle-toi barbarella.mp3
    09 la legende des corbeaux.mp3
    10 le monument national.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Robert Charlebois - Vol. 1 (1965)

    The vinyl is pretty good on this record.  There is some minor distortion here and there but I don't really hear it through the speakers.  A little on the odd big "S".  The music is hard to describe.  Jazzy-pop-experimental. It has a very French Canadian feel to it.  I quite like this guy.

    01 amour immobile.mp3
    02 a bout de bras.mp3
    03 un bouffon abordable.mp3
    04 ni chanson, ni poeme.mp3
    05 si loin d'amour.mp3
    06 la boule.mp3
    07 hommage a joao gilberto.mp3
    08 pour effacer l'usage.mp3
    09 j'ail envie d'automne.mp3
    10 au coeur des differences.mp3
    11 pignons et cheminees.mp3
    12 les canayens y-s-ont ca de bon.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Efrem Kurtz & the Columbia Symphony Orchestra - From the Bay of Napels

    My vinyl wasn't in the greatest of shape -it's a very old album - but I think it turned out remarkable well.  Distortion is always a problem on old orchestral vinyl but I don't hear much at all.
    The second side - with the shorter tracks - is a little more enjoyable for me.  There are some very nice arrangements.  Good for a Sunday morning.

    01 renzo rossellini - Song from the bay of naples.mp3
    02 renzo rossilini - ninna nanna (berceuse Italiana).mp3
    03 isaac albeniz - triana (from Iberia).mp3
    04 silvestre revueltas - janitzio.mp3
    05 enrique granados - intermesso (from goyescas).mp3
    06 ernest lecuona - la comparsa (cuban dance).mp3
    07 jose white - la bella cubana.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - St. George & Tana - Is Now! (1967)

    The vinyl is in great shape.  I just listened to it on speakers and there sounded like there was some clicking but when I put it on headphones, nothing.  This is folk-pop and some of it is quite nice.  "So Tenderly" is quite a good song.  There are three click-sounding things at the end of the song but they're on the beat.  One doesn't like to strip out intentional noises.  There's a weird acoustic guitar on the second song.  I think the production was not optimal on this disc.

    01 so tenderly.mp3
    02 high flying bird.mp3
    03 country cat.mp3
    04 cold nights and pepper soup.mp3
    05 313 crabtree.mp3
    06 without your heart.mp3
    07 big daddy's blues.mp3
    08 rocky road.mp3
    09 books of rhythm, books of rhyme.mp3
    10 (gee baby) sorry 'bout that.mp3
    11 reno nevada.mp3
    12 the shadow of your smile.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Mel Torme & Margaret Whiting - Broadway, Night Now! (1961)

    This vinyl is remarkably good.  It really bops along at times and I don't hear any distortion.  Mel and Margaret are wonderful.  This is worth the price of the album for fireworks alone.  Two Radio Vickers thumbs up.

    01 fireworks (from do re me).mp3
    02 make someone happy (from do re me).mp3
    03 tall hopes (from wildcat).mp3
    04 i loved you in silence (from camelot).mp3
    05 cry like the wind (from do re me).mp3
    06 hey, look me over (from wildcat).mp3
    07 all you need is a quarter (from do re me).mp3
    08 if ever i would leave you (from camelot).mp3
    09 our language of love (from irma la douce).mp3
    10 from a prison cell (from irma la douce0.mp3
    11 what's new at the zoo (from do re me).mp3
    12 medley - from wildcat (fare away from home-angelina).mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Mel Torme - A Time For Us (1969)

    This vinyl is very good.  There is a tiny bit of distortion on the odd vocal swell.  Nothing terrible, the sound is mostly exceptional.  These were tough times for guys like Mel.  Trying to remain relevant in a quickly changing musical landscape.  I'm sure the kerchief became a source of embarrassment in later years.  Luckily Mel has the talent to pull it off.  She's Leaving Home doesn't work.  Games People Play and A Bucket of Tears are stand-outs.

    01 games people play.mp3
    02 yesterday when i was young.mp3
    03 happy together.mp3
    04 windmills of your mind.mp3
    05 midnight swinger.mp3
    06 willie & laura mae jones.mp3
    07 a time for us.mp3
    08 she's leaving home.mp3
    09 hurry on down.mp3
    10 a bucket of tears.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Harry James - Wild About Harry (1957)

    This vinyl is in great shape.  Handles the music swells without distorting. Love the cover too.  The music is very enjoyable.  Perfect jazz for a Sunday morning.

    01 kinda like the blues.mp3
    02 blues for lovers only.mp3
    03 countin'.mp3
    04 cotton pickin'.mp3
    05 ring for porter.mp3
    06 barn.mp3
    07 what am i here for.mp3
    08 blues for harry's sake.mp3
    09 bee gee.mp3
    10 blues on a count.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Greg Morris - For You (1968)

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    The vinyl is in terrific shape.  I think I could hear a couple of the tiniest clicks.  I could go back and take them out but there are so many more records to listen to.  The album is better than you'd expect.  Greg speaks the songs but he doesn't overact them as some of his contemporaries have done.  If you like "For Once in My Life" you might like the album.

    01 for once in my life.mp3
    02 the more i see you.mp3
    03 the nearness of you.mp3
    04 that's all.mp3
    05 my one and only love.mp3
    06 this is all i ask.mp3
    07 come rain or come shine.mp3
    08 the twelve of never.mp3
    09 try to remember.mp3
    10 the look of love.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Matt Monroe - This is the Life (1966)

    Nice vinyl hear.  Very clear and very little distortion (if any) The album is standard Matt Monroe fare.  He sings pretty songs with that terrific voice of his.  It's a nice selection of tunes.

    01 i'm glad there is you.mp3
    02 this is the life.mp3
    03 you're gonna hear from me.mp3
    04 i'll take romance.mp3
    05 strangers in the night.mp3
    06 on a clear day (you can see forever).mp3
    07 sweet lorraine.mp3
    08 my best girl.mp3
    09 on a wonderful day like today.mp3
    10 merci cherie.mp3
    11 honey on the vine.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Matt Monroe - Here's to My Lady (1967)

    This vinyl is great.  I don't hear any problems through the speakers.  He really pushes his S's in the songs and I don't hear any distortion on them.  Matt's got a nice voice and he doesn't just do the same old whored-out standards.

    01 when joanna loved me.mp3
    02 real live girl.mp3
    03 when sunny gets blue.mp3
    04 laura.mp3
    05 people.mp3
    06 here's to my lady.mp3
    07 the good life.mp3
    08 you've got possibilities.mp3
    09 rain sometimes.mp3
    10 sweet talkin' hannah.

    My Vinyl Attic - Hookfoot - Good Times A'Comin' (1972)

    The vinyl here is excellent.  The album is very enjoyable.  Good rockin' songs. Nice harmonies.  I recommend this one.

    01 sweet sweet funky music.mp3
    02 living in the city.mp3
    03 if i had the words.mp3
    04 gunner webb's changes.mp3
    05 the painter.mp3
    06 flying in the u.s.a..mp3
    07 is anyone there.mp3
    08 slick's blues for jumbo.mp3
    09 look to your churches.mp3
    10 good time a'comin'.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Glass Prism - On Joy and Sorrow (1969)

    The sound is really good on this record.  I think I heard a couple of tiny clicks through the speakers but it could be the drums.  The music rocks.  Good fuzz guitar and nice swelling organ from back in the day.  The first so is really good.

    01 she's too much.mp3
    02 extention 68.mp3
    03 what can we do.mp3
    04 who loves me.mp3
    05 nothin's wrong song.mp3
    06 maggie don't you hear me.mp3
    07 she (on joy and sorrow).mp3
    08 i want to play.mp3
    09 renee.mp3
    10 i laugh.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Fist - Fleet Street (1981)

    This vinyl is terrific on this one.  Sounds great through the speakers.  The music is pretty well thunder-fisted rock. (With their band name, what would you expect) There's a little "Who" keys on the first song.  I have combined the last two songs because there was no natural break.

    This is the back of the CD, which this is not so I do not have the bonus tracks.

    My Vinyl Attic - Fargo - I See It Now (1969)

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    The vinyl for this record was in terrific shape.  It sounds quite good through the speakers.  I've combined a number of songs because they bleed into one another and I don't like songs cutting off artificially.

    The information below is stolen from This Great Site!

    Salt Lake City-based psych-pop duo Fargo teamed Tony Decker and Dean Wilden. After debuting in 1968 with the Capitol single “Robins, Robins,” the pair signed with RCA in 1969 when their LP “I See It Now” was released.
    Produced by Martin Cooper and arranged by Al Capps, who was best known for his work with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, among others, their album met with virtually no commercial recognition (probably due to poor promotion), and soon after Fargo dissolved.
    “In the words of Frank Zappa: “It can’t happen here”, a lyric lifted from a piece on his 1966 album, Freak Out, he was just merely questioning whether or not a music scene could have existed in other places of the U.S. during the 60′s besides Los Angeles. How about Salt Lake City, Utah?
    As much as Salt Lake City, Utah would seem like the most unlikely hot bed for any music scene to occur, yes it did happen there………
    Fargo were a duo who released one album entitled, I See It Now, for RCA Victor in 1969. The album is pleasant psychedelic pop, with some great vocal harmonies, and the musicianship, along with the orchestral backing in spots is quite strong.
    The down side of the album, though, is that there aren’t really any real stand out tracks, and can take some time to grow on you. However, once you listen to the album and it gets inside of your brain, then you’re hooked.
    With that said, the album may not be a classic or masterpiece, but all in all is a very wise purchase not just for the psych collector in mind, but it is also not a musical disappointment either.
    With the price online being no more than just a mere $15.00-$30.00, the album is also a wise investment that could appreciate in value one day as it draws more attention to a larger audience.
    Not too much is known about Fargo, other than the group consisted of the duo, Tony Decker and Dean Wilden. The album did not really sell by any stretch at the time, due to lack of promotion from RCA records. Fargo dissolved thereafter.” (RecordFanatic)
    Track Listing
    1. ‘Round About Way Of Describing Our Situation
    2. Long Goodbye
    3. Sound Of It
    4. Places Everyone
    5. Castles In Wales
    6. Talks We Used To Have
    7. When The Dew Drops Change Into Teardrops
    8. Promises Of Love
    9. You Need Me
    10. Cross With No Name
    11. I See It Now

    My Vinyl Attic - Charlie Shavers - Mood Interpretations By...

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    This was not my album but it is my digitization.  The vinyl is okay.  The first couple of tracks sound worse than tracks further into the record.  There is a small skip on Memories of You.  I went over it twice but it was a stubborn little cut.  There is some distortion but it isn't awful.  The music is enjoyable and Charlie's trumpet playing is sublime.

    01 stella by starlight.mp3
    02 ill wind.mp3
    03 stormy weather.mp3
    04 out of nowhere.mp3
    05 easy to remember.mp3
    06 stardust.mp3
    07 i cover the waterfront.mp3
    08 memories of you.mp3
    09 you're mine you.mp3
    10 let's fall in love.mp3

    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    My Vinyl Attic - Fire - Fire (1968)

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.

    This vinyl is terrific.  There are a few tiny clicks (I'm listening on headphones) but very little.  There's no distortion I can hear.  The instruments are quite clear and separated.

    The info below was stolen from This Great Site

    Fire was one of many groups produced by the legendary Tom Wilson when he set up his Rasputin production company on ABC in the late sixties, other artists included Purpose, Bagatelle, Ill Wind, Click Horning, and Fraternity Of Man.
    The album features great funkish/rock/soul tunes in a style similar to the “blue-eyed” soul groups that were flourishing on the east coast of the States in the mid to late sixties, songs include a nice version of the Holland-Dozier-Holland “Come And Get These Memories”, “Pretty Girl Pretty Day” and “I Thought You Were A Lover”, there’s also some touches of psychedelia and jazz flavor here on “Sunny Day”, Burn This Want“ and “Sunday”. (Jack Dominilla)
    Track Listing
    1. Need Your Love To Get Myself Together
    2. I Thought You Were A Lover
    3. Sunny Day
    4. If It’s Not Time
    5. Come And Get These Memories
    6. One More Heartache
    7. Sunday
    8. Burn This Want
    9. Pretty Girl Pretty Day
    10. Everyday

    My Vinyl Attic - Fat - Fat (1970)

    The vinyl sounds really good.  I don't hear any distortion.  The de-clicking took almost everything out.  I bought this album as a Cheapie, somewhere in the States. (I'm originally from Canada)  Probably New Orleans. The album is somewhat tuneless rock from the era.   The voice really reminds me of Eddie Vedder.  Listen to Black Sunday - which is actually a pretty cool little song.  One of the catchiest on the album.

    The information below was stolen 

    FAT – FAT – 1970 (US) heavy psych

    Engineered by legends Roy Cicala who worked with Genya Ravan, Lori Burton, and John Lennon, along with Shelly Yakus (spelt Shelly Yokas on the album jacket) of Stevie Knicks and so many others fame, Fat is comprised of five men who, other than this outing, appear to have remained pretty much unknown. According to urban legend, this production by Eddie Jason saw only 400 copies released by RCA. For a band coming at the end of the debacle known as "The Bosstown Sound," this actually plays better than Eden's Children and Ultimate Spinach. With a cover photo of five dudes dressed like they are going camping, no image whatsoever, these longhairs deliver a decent set of tunes, despite the fact they aren't stellar musicians. There is a spirit here, however, from "Shape I'm In" on side two, to the lengthy "Journey" and "Highway." "Black Sunday" is inspired and has a sound very influenced by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Via default they seem to have created a strange amalgam of East Coast blues and psychedelia that Ultimate Spinach was searching for. "Country Girl" has Cream riffs galore, and where you might expect a folk tune, it rocks out. Where Alive & Kickin' released the same year on Roulette and were woefully deficient on the musical side of things, these cats have a style and a sound. Peter Newland's voice and harp reflect the darkness James Kaminski and Michael Benson lay down with their guitars. Not a bad recording for a band with no look and riffs that Bachman Turner Overdrive would explore and exploit just four years later. "Duck Sweat" is the bluesy rock that the cover indicates, but "Lonely Lady" and "Mine Eyes Have Seen" take the group into other directions. An interesting artifact.

    Peter Newland (vocals and mouth harp)
    James Kaminski (lead guitar and vocals)
    Michael Benson (lead guitar)
    Guy DeVito (bass and vocals)
    William 'Benji' Benjamin (drums and vocals)

    My Vinyl Attic - George Sanders - The George Sanders Touch

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    This vinyl is in very good condition.  There are a few imperfections but nothing massive.  The orchestral swells don't distort.  He has a weird echo on his voice that sounds a bit funny in spots.  I've had this album for 15 years or more and finally decided to put it on.  Every one of these celebrity records claims that they are the exception to the rule that celebrities shouldn't record albums.  I don't think George quite pulls it off.  This is okay but his voice is pretty weathered.  Probably from all those cigarettes and banging the Gabor Sisters.

    My Vinyl Attic - Garfield - Flights of Fantasy (1981)

    GARFIELD - Flights Of Fantasy

    The vinyl is in excellent shape.  This came out really well.  I'm a big fan of Garfield's first two albums.  This one is not quite as good.  He still has that terrific voice but it's tough to come up with songs as good as All Along Again Tonight and he didn't.  Small Town Women is especially silly.  Is it worth a listen?  Definitely.

    My Vinyl Attic - Ed McMahon - What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? (1967)

    My copy of this album is mono.  It was pretty scratchy but de-clicking took almost all of it out.  I didn't monitor every nano-second so there may be a few imperfections but overall I'd say this came out very nicely.  No real distortion.  Ed sings!  He does two songs and plays in the skits.  His son is in one and Dick Van Patton plays a bunch of parts.  It's basically pretty stupid, but entertaining on a certain level.

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    My Vinyl Attic - Red Nichols and the Five Pennies - Parade of the Pennies (1958)

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    This vinyl was very, very clicky.  It's from 1958, so you'd expect that is had seem to hard times on archaic equipment.  That being said, it declicked very nicely.  There is a little minor distortion on the odd trombone blast but mostly it sounds pretty clear.  The music is delightful.  That light, boppy jazz than gets your toe a tappin'.

    01 Buddy's Habits.mp3
    02 Japanese Sandman.mp3
    03 Mississippi Mud.mp3
    04 Delta Roll.mp3
    05 Dixie.mp3
    06 Avalon.mp3
    07 Davenport Blues.mp3
    08 Tea For Two.mp3
    09 Bass Face Joe.mp3
    10 Washboard Blues.mp3
    11  Parade of the Pennies.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Dean Jones - Introducing...

    The vinyl on this one was surprisingly good.  Dean hits some big notes on this record which is on the Valiant label.  I've never heard of them.  The liner notes say that Dean decided not to do another "Actor Sings the Hits" album.  I think that was a good choice.  Interesting song choices.  His voice doesn't have a gigantic amount of character and he tries to act several times in the songs, which I never like.  Over all though, I have to say this is an above average celebrity album.

    01 inside out.mp3
    02 don't let the sun catch you crying.mp3
    03 women (ska-da-la-de-da).mp3
    04 strawberries and wine.mp3
    05 east virginia blues.mp3
    06 i'm just a country boy.mp3
    07 mornin'.mp3
    08 every day (you've gotta rise up).mp3
    09 some days there just ain't enough fish.mp3
    10 old folks.mp3
    11 cilly winds.mp3
    12 any place i hang my hat is home.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Ohio Express - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy,

    The vinyl is in very good shape.  There's a bit of sibilance here and there on the album Fidelity and amazing production were never of paramount importance on these records.   The pop songs are cute.  Even beyond Yummy, Yummy, Yummy this is an enjoyable album.  For some bizarre reason, the tracks on the cover don't line up with the tracks on the record - but they almost do.  Oh well.

    01 yummy, yummy, yummy.mp3
    02 winter skies.mp3
    03 into this time.mp3
    04 first grade reader.mp3
    05 mary-ann.mp3
    06 down at lu lu's.mp3
    07 turn to straw.mp3
    08 vacation.mp3
    09 she's not coming home 1.mp3
    10 it's a sad day.mp3
    11 the time you spent with me.mp3

    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    My Vinyl Attic - Hamilton Face Band - Hamilton Face Band (1969)


    I'd say this vinyl was in quite good condition.  Probably not mint but it sounds good through the speakers.  All my stuff is de-clicked, so you won't hear many pops or clicks of any kind.  The music isn't classic but it has some moments.  

    HAMILTON FACE 1-1 high why and die company.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 1-2 trying to get up to you.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 1-3 chinese guitar-michael gladstone symphony.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 1-4 slipper sweet.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 1-5 if i should sleep.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 2-1 choirboys - allright.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 2-2 steamwhistle.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 2-3 banana song.mp3
    HAMILTON FACE 2-4 speed song.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Carp - Carp (Gary Busey) (1970)

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    I'm not sure whether this vinyl is a little funny in spots or that the album just wasn't recorded very well.  Hard to tell.  I think I have a few other copies and I'll digitize those when I find them.  Some of these tunes are pretty good.  Country-rock sort of stuff.  Circuit Preacher Brown is one of the better songs.  Of course the main point of interest for this band is the fact that Gary Busey plays drums for the band and co-wrote almost all the songs.

    01 drink to the queen of may.mp3
    02 circuit preacher brown.mp3
    03 he's comin' back to check on what you've done.mp3
    04 pine creek bridge.mp3
    05 rosabelle bovine.mp3
    06 page.mp3
    07 jotham clay, mississippi.mp3
    08 the great kansas hymn.mp3
    09 mammoth moutain blues.mp3
    10 there goes the band.mp3
    11 jesus the the mountain.mp3
    12 the firehouse dog.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Estus - Estus (1973)


    It sounds like an album from 1973.  The opening song reminds me a little of the Eagles doing Steel River.  If you can imagine that. (There's also a little "My Woman from Tokyo" in the guitar riff)   Pretty good, if a little generic.  The vinyl sounds like it's in very good shape.

    01 90 m.p.h..mp3
    02 on the wings.mp3
    03 mcloud.mp3
    04 goodbye.mp3
    05 inside out.mp3
    06 sweet children.mp3
    07 trukin' man.mp3
    08 in the morning.mp3
    09 b.m.d..mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Fire and Rain - Fire and Rain (1972)

    Very nice vinyl.  Very nice lookin' girl.  The music is good.  They have a nice jazzy version of "Somebody Love"  Well worth a listen.

    01 somebody to love.mp3
    02 carry me down.mp3
    03 take me for a little while.mp3
    04 candelier.mp3
    05 music in the air.mp3
    06 let's get rollin'.mp3
    07 touch me.mp3
    08 hellow stranger.mp3
    09 alright tonight.mp3
    10 that's where it's at.mp3
    11 home to you.mp3

    My Vinyl Attic - Gaunt - I Can See Your Mom From Here

    If you’d like to listen to this album or any other album I am posting here, just send me your email address at and I will put you on my list.  

    The vinyl is in great shape.  I don't know much about this band or where I bought this record.  It certainly bops along.

    01 i don't care.mp3
    02 rich kid.mp3
    03 turn to ash.mp3
    04 ohio.mp3
    05 scandals.mp3
    06 purple heart.mp3
    07 greatest days.mp3
    08 jerkin' yourself around.mp3
    09 weekend.mp3
    10 hangover.mp3
    11 worry.mp3
    12 mason-dixon line.mp3
    13 dead man's coat.mp3
    14 revolution to spite your face.mp3