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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was busy transferring my blogs over to the unencumbered Radio Vickers site all day and listening to tunes. It might be interesting to just post a couple of songs that caught my ear during my drudgery.


The first one is by Aiden Nolan from his album “Tales From the Sun”. It’s called Spaceman. No, not the Nilsson song. Below is what Mr. Nolan has to say about the tune.

This song is a kind of sung prayer or affirmation for what I hoped, at the time, would be my future. It’s about being free, being happy, being loved and giving love. It worked out that way too! When I first heard what John J Francis had done with this song I was amazed at how he’d been happy to stick with just my simple guitar and vocals and no other instrumentation, the rest of the production being carried by effects. These many years later I still wonder at how it works, but I do think it does work.

There are several pretty good tunes on this album.


Titanic – Confusion (from the album Sea Wolf) These guys are from Norway. Nice laid back song from a band that you’d think would sound like Dokken by the name they chose. This is not a bad album.

Titanic’s Wiki page is here:


Herbie Mann also came up. I can’t listen to a ton of this kind of stuff, but this song just reminded me of a young cute woman walking down a sunny street in a short dress in a movie from the 1960’s. From there, I was sold. The song is calle Minha Saudade and is off his 1962 album called, “Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues.

Herbie’s Wiki Page is here:

Radio Vickers: Sheryl Crow and the Kinks

I’m listening to Sheryl Crow’s new album (100 Miles From Memphis) as I’m typing this. (how’s that for up to date shit!) It’s pleasant, but nothing really stands out. If something does catch my ear before I finish this edition of Radio Vickers, I’ll be sure to pass it on.)

Well, Thursday at Busby’s Mile High Club was a gas. (notice I’m employing hip musician lingo here) Thanks to all those of you who came out. It was much appreciated. You made some old guys with guitars very happy.

What kind of a song do you review when you’re coming down from a humungous stage high? I’ve pondered this for a day or more. Time seems to lose most of its meaning when your ears are still ringing with the applause of an adoring throng. Ah memories. But, back to the job at hand.

I’ve decided to go with my favorite band of all time, The Kinks. (Speaking of old guys with guitars) You Can’t Stop the Music (no, I’m not talking about the regrettable Alan Carr movie) is the ultimate song from Soap Opera. (An album I played a thousand times in the halcyon days of my youth) It seems the capture the rock and roll ethos that I am steeped in at the moment. It’s a sentimental salute to his musical brethren and their individual fates. (those who made it, those who faded and those who we thought would never last) It doesn’t get anymore succinct that that. He does borrow a bit from the Stones on this tune but not nearly as blatantly as he did on “Catch Me Now I’m Falling” from Low Budget. He knows of what he sings….and now, so do I.

Low Budget

Catch Me Now I'm Falling

Very few bands have ever enjoyed a second wind. (Aersosmith maybe the only other band I can think of) After that first rush of success and inspiration fades, there is usually no amount of effort and detoxing can revive a group’s mojo. The Kinks hit that second wind starting in 1975 with Soap Opera and kept right on sprinting all the way through Low Budget in 1979. Sleepwalker – Schoolboys in Disgrace – Misfits being the other albums from this second coming. If you’re not familiar with any of these classic albums, please check them out. You will not be disappointed.

(Still nothing mind blowing from Sheryl and I'm up to track number 7)

Ray Davies maybe a bit of a prick, but goshums, what a talent.

As and extra Kinks bonus, I thought I’d discuss Cricket. A song off Preservation Act 1. It is quite a good album though Act II is a bit bloated and a bit of a disappointment after its prequel.

I haven’t gotten many people in my family to like Cricket yet but my devotion to this song shall not waiver. It’s so English. So very, very English. How many other bands would dare to have the Tuba be a major instrument in a song in 1973? How many other songwriters would compare cricket and the battle for the eternal soul?

(Track 9 – Sideways – isn’t bad. It’s a bit long at 5:09 though. Might have made a nice 4 minute song – How do diamonds fade? I’m not quite sure what she’s trying to say.)


This explains a lot.

(I’m listening to the title track now. The tune is a bit forced in spots. The chorus is crap. The whole thing ends with a pleasant enough cover of a Jackson 5 Song with Sheryl doing a pretty good Michael impression. I’m not quite sure what the point of this is.

Do yourselves a favor and buy an old Kinks album instead of this.)

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Radio Vickers: Burton Cummings

When I was growing up (oh what a mistake that was!) I had a shitty little AM radio that was a wrapped in some cheap black leather to semi-disguise the fact that it was a shitty little AM radio. As the battery wore down, the volume got lower and lower until you had to duct tape it to your head to be able to hear anything.  But, oh what tinny, ever-decreasing-in-volume sounds came out of that little piece of Japanese crap! Because of Canadian content laws (which I’m fully in favor of – sorry Libertarians) I was exposed to bands like Edward Bear, Shooter, Trooper, April Wine and Copperpenny. The biggest Canadian band of all though, the Beatles of the Great White North, was The Guess Who. They had a really stupid reason for adapting this rather puzzling moniker and I’m attaching the Wikipedia page on these guys so I don’t have to get into it. Cummings/Bachman – Cummings/Winter and finally Cummings/Troiano put out some damn fine music. There are few rock and roll songwriters that can boast a catalogue like Mr. C’s. You have to be incredibly talented to be a rock and roll star in the first place with a first name like Burton. He was also a neighbour (spelled this way out of respect for his Canadianess) of mine. Often, I’d see him driving around the neighbourhood (there, I did it again) with his head of thick curly black hair rising up from the dashboard of his Mercedes SL. I also once stood next to him at the late Great Moby Disc. I almost asked him why the fuck Artificial Paradise and Flavours (his spelling, not mine) hadn’t been put out on CD yet.  Fortunately, I refrained.

In 1975, Burt went on to a very successful solo career, though I have always lamented what could have been with the Cummings-Troiano songwriting team. The hits just kept on coming (or Cumming) for the next 15 years. But tragically, for the last 20 years, one of Canada’s greatest tunesmiths has been resting on his back catalogue laurels and new material has been rarer than a smartly dressed Teabagger. 2 years ago, he finally put out an album. Why am I only reviewing it now? Because I only just finally found out that he finally put out a record. (This is where I stop blathering and actually review the damn album.) There’s a line from Randy Newman’s wonderful song, I’m Dead. “Everything I write, all sounds the same. Record that I’m making is like a record that I made. Just not as good.” Old Ran’ pretty well sums it up for a majority of aging rockers. Alas, Burton is not an exception to this cruel rule. He goes over a lot of familiar ground here. That is not to say there aren’t some standout moments. We Just Came From the U.S.A. is a pretty nice little stadium rocker. Dream makes you like it by dint of Burton’s wonderful vocals. I also quite liked Any Minor Miracle. Speaking of Minor Miracles…Stunningly, at 63, Burt still has a great voice, even after all those cajillion cigarettes and the oceans of booze he swilled in the oh-so-wobbly days of his youth. His throat has had more abuse than that bald guy’s head on the Benny Hill Show but still sounds like the day he unpacked it from the crate. There is nothing bad or embarrassing on this disc. Some of the songs just don’t rise up to the lofty standards that he has set for himself. In conclusion, this is a way, way better record than is being put out by most post 60 rockers who should be completely dead by now. (and I’m talking to people like you Gordon Lightfoot!)

So sit back, strap a small tinny sounding radio to your ear , and enjoy.

We Just Came from the U.S.A.: The single and probably the best song on the album.

Dream: a nice song made far stronger by his voice, (scientists are going to be studying this guy’s vocal chords for decades. )

The aforementioned Any Minor Miracle:

If you like these songs, check out Above the Ground (W/Dvd),
which also includes a “making of” DVD. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Vital info for those who are interested:
Burton Cummings
The Guess Who

Interesting article:

If you have a spare 200 grand and want to buy something really practical with it.

Radio Vickers: Jim Backus and Phyllis Diller-- Delicious

If you can only listen to one song this year, make it this one.

Back in 1958 ,the carefree days of dive under our desk if you hear a loud bang and see a big mushroom cloud outside your classroom window, Jim Backus (later to be Mr. Magoo and Thurston Howell III) recorded this minor hit. It reached a dizzying #277 out of the 525 songs that appeared on the hit parade that year. It will be hard (after hearing this) to fathom why he abandoned his mesmerizing recording career and became an actor. The recording, while it maybe one of the most bizarre singles ever to be thrust onto the billboard charts, has a hypnotic, acid trip-like quality. You will listen to this musical piece (it certainly can't be called a song) in eyebrow-clenching puzzlement, (to quote The King and I) trying to figure out what the hell they thought they were doing and why they thought this would be a hit record. It certainly hearkens back to a time when being "In the bag" (a deliciously retro phrase for being shitfaced for those younger listeners) was considered to be a very cool and sophisticated thing.

The youtube clip below claims that the voice is Phyllis Diller. It does not sound like her to me. It is credited on the single to "A friend". It sounds more like Pearl Bailey. I will bow to IMDB on this though. Here is what they have to say about this whacky piece of vinyl.
"Jim Backus reached the US Top 40 Pop charts for a couple of weeks in 1958 with his novelty recording, 'Delicious!' on Jubilee Records featuring instrumental backing from Appleknocker And His Group. The female part was comedienne Phylis Diller. It was basically the two of them taking a drink of champagne and exclaiming "delicious!" As the record progresses they get drunker and giddier, slurring the word and laughing hysterically."

I guess Phyllis recorded this before all those face lifts pulled her vocals chords up into her sinuses.

So sit back, drink a magnum or two of champers and a handful of Dexedrine, and enjoy.

More about the man, the recording legend, Jim Backus.

Comedy Classics Comedy Classics contains Delicious and many more recordings of equal or even higher quality.

Radio Vickers: Anthony Newly

Newley Davis Pictures, Images and Photos

During my checkered career, I have worked for some of the giants in the industry. George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Faye Dunaway, and Terry Jones come to mind. Robert Townsend does not. But probably the most talented performer pound for pound…and definitely inch for inch was Mickey Rooney. He was one of those rare phenoms that could do anything. Mickey played any number of musical instruments, he acted, he danced, he sang and did impressions and did stand-up and…and…and...

He even became one of the world’s leading experts on getting married.If one were drop down a single rung on the Renaissance Man ladder though, you would definitely step on Anthony Newley’s head. Also a child actor, (the artful dodger in the none musical version of Oliver Twist) he went on to sing, dance, write hit songs and plays, and eventually marry Joan Collins. He wrote Goldfinger, What Kind of Fool Am I, Gonna Build a Mountain. These are pretty fine examples on songery! He even had a hit comedy album with Peter Sellers.

Of course Mr. Newley also played Matthew Mugg in one of my favorite movies of all time, “Doctor Doolittle”. Yes, I know no one else on Earth likes it. I don’t care. I love the movie. I love the soundtrack and no amount of logic or peer pressure will change my mind, so don’t even bother.(When Rex Harrison sings that beautiful song to a seal…well.)

Throughout his career, he was always trying to push the envelope. From the late fifties through the mid sixties, dear talented Anthony could do know wrong. Not that he didn’t try.

In 1961, (the same year he had a huge hit with What Kind of Fool Am I) he had a semi-big hit with Pop Goes The Weasel….yes, that Pop Goes the Weasel. It made it to #12 in the U.K. and #516 in the U.S. charts. He jazzes it up and makes it into something more than it is, but let’s face it…it wasn’t much to begin with. Sort of reminds one of Paul McCartney deciding that it had been far too long since Mary Had A Little Lamb had been a hit rock song.

The story behind Paul’s silly lamby love song.

As the sixties wore on, Anthony got wilder and wilder in his artistic endeavors, culminating in him writing, directing and starring in Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? Even in 2006, this mish mosh of a movie won the Worst Movie Title of All Time poll by the Chicago Tribune.

By the 70’s Mr. Newley was reduced to being a Vegas attraction, regurgitating his old hits for Midwestern tourists regurgitating their highball.

Yes, his career was like a Pick’N’Save lightbulb. It burns ever-so bright for a short amount of time and then goes dim forever. Like Peter Ustinov and Orson Wells, he just coasted on those early achievements like they were someone else’s doob at a party.

And here is the song that put the pop in Pop Goes the Weasel

Just in case you haven’t heard Sir Paul doing Mary Had A Little Lamb recently, here it is from his 1973 television special.

More Anthony Newley music:

Anthony didn't write “Why”. Originally, a hit for old sandy pants himself, Frankie Avalon.

This is Sammy Davis Jr. and Anthony Newley demonstrating what it is to have buckets of talent.  Even if you don’t like this sort of thing, you still have to marvel at people so gifted.

Part 1

Part 2

The total Wiki-skinny on the man, the legend:

The baffling skinny on his most infamous and badly titled movie:

Radio Vickers: Merv Griffin and 23 Girls!!!

23 starlets (and me) Words and music Tom Glazer

Merv Griffin was born in 1925 and immediately went on a diet. He accordioned is way through the rest of his life. That is neither her not there for this post, however. In between his Herculean bouts of eating and self denial, he managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars. Merv starred in his own show, sang with a band, created long running game shows and turned that money into hotels and resorts. None of this is really that relevant to tonight's broadcast except for the fact that it sets the scene of a man who was willing to try just about anything to turn a buck. While he didn’t try his own line of Merv Griffin elastic suites, in 1951 he did decide to record the song we present tonight. In a way, if seems like the logical follow up to his huge, number one hit, I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts. It concerns him having a dream where he is stranded on a desert island with 23 starlets. He revels in these beautiful women making him meals. He brags that the rest of the time is spent drinking pink lemonade. No I’m not making this up. This is inexplicable on so many levels.

When Merv Griffin went the silly route, he went whole hog. It made it to only #306 on the 1951 year end charts but deserved higher, just for its shear audacity.

So sit back in a comfy chair, hopefully wearing a suit jacket with an absolutely startling inner-lining and listen to Merv as you've never heard him.

Vital info about the man himself, Merv Griffin.

For those of you under a hundred who are wondering who the hell Dagmar is, the answer is below.
Dagmar's wikipedia page.

Alas, 23 Starlets doesn't appear to be available on DC.  But, just in case you've developed and irresistible hankering for Merv sung songs.  Try the selection below.


Jeff M. sent this along to me. Alan Thicke rockin' it! This must have been done around the time of Olivia Newton John's, "Physical". Only a true Canadian can shake his thaaang like this!


You science buffs will love this read. Absolutely fascinating. Enjoy.


Thank you Kelly C. for bringing this to my attention.  Even big-antler-headed deer need a little lovin' every now and then!


Here is Discount Romance’s very first single and video. Now available on I-Tunes and Amazon!

This is their promo video.


Click this for their blog with news, demos, videos and goofy-captioned pictures of the band.

Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest single.

Here is the latest Death of the Author Brigade video.

Simple Song

And here’s the latest song by Death of the Author Brigade:

'Boy Next Door' is a bouncy little tune about a girl taking "Being Neighborly" to the next level. Who lives across the lawn from you?

And here is Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest video. Enjoy the spectacle.

Radio Vickers: Peppermint Rainbow-- Will You Be Staying After Sunday

People now look back on the 60’s as a time when the world was young. Woodstock, Haight-Ashbury, Love In’s, and that glorious music. But Woodstock begat Altamont. Height-Ashbury begat Scott McKenzie (there was a heck of a lot of random begatting back in those days) and for every Beatles it produced, it also spawned a Peppermint Rainbow. To be fair, The Peppermints are not a Beatles type band. They are a poor, poor, perhaps even destitute, man’s Mama’s and Papa’s. They were even signed to Decca Records at the behest of Cass Elliot. Perhaps she thought she’d lengthen her own career by picking less attractive competition. That degree of un-comeliness was tough to find, but she managed to do it. (With the exception of Michelle Phillips, of course, who was teeth meltingly beautiful.) The band even performed a medley of Mamas and Papas songs in their stage act.

And to be even fairer, Will You Be Staying After Monday is not a bad song if you like your pop super frothy. The album sold pretty well. The Sunday song sold over a million copies but it couldn’t keep this musical juggernaut together and they broke up in 1970. Apparently they wanted to pursue their careers in solo anonymity. Or perhaps, despite the success, they just couldn’t stand to look at each other’s hairstyles any longer.

The real interesting story, (well, to me) is not really the band but the guy behind the band. Al Kahsa was brought in to write them some songs, including Will You Be Staying After Monday. He started out by writing hits for Jackie Wilson and produced a ton of stuff for Steve Lawrence. ("Go Away, Little Girl" and "Don't Be Afraid and Little Darlin'.") He also produced Eydie Gorme’s "Blame It on the Bossa Nova". Al collaborated with such heavy weights (literally) Aretha Franklin and (figuratively) Neil Diamond. Perhaps bigger than that (if anything can be bigger than Aretha Franklin), in 1966, Kasha discovered a young Catskills comedian named Rodney Dangerfield,. Al even financed Rodney’s first album on Decca, The Loser.

Perhaps biggest and annoyingest of all though, is the Kasha/Hirschom ballad, “The Morning After” He won and Academy Award for that one and for the theme for Towering Inferno. From Peppermint Rainbow to two Academy Awards, that is quite a journey.

Vital info on the band:

Vital info on the man behind the band:

So sit back, finger something paisley and enjoy.

Will You Be Staying After Monday - This video is even better than the song. The Peppermint Rainbow looks like some alien from Andromeda was told about the cool, hip sixties and he designed the band from what he thought they should look like. The guys are wearing jackets so hideous, they may not even be legal anymore. The guy in the middle looks like the weird uncle who, at thirty five, still prefers to eat at the small table with the kids. The girls appear to have borrowed a couple of Bobby Gentry’s old wigs. Their dresses look like they were stolen from the set of Logan’s Run. All in all, it is a must see. You may want to wash your eyes out afterwards, though.

Pink Lemonade – The very beverage Merv Griffin would rather drink than naughtily canoodle with his 23 marooned starlets! (check yesterday’s broadcast)

Don’t Wake Me Up in the Morning Michael – cause it takes me two and a half weeks to blow dry my hair.

Just in case you wish to return to the 60's that never were, the entire album is available here.

Radio Vickers: Stranded In The Jungle


"Stranded In The Jungle" by Ernestine Smith & James Johnson

The Cadets

Today, a musical lesson in the difficulties of love from afar. Especially when circumstances become as perilous as they sometimes do in the more tropical climes of our troubled orb. There are also misdeeds by a rival in L'Amour to be contended with. It all leads to a hair-raising denouement and no small amount of rapprochement on the part of the jilted and nearly dined upon party. Stranded in the Jungle was a cover of another band who had also released it in 1956. The Cadets had the biggest hit with it though, reaching #110 on year end charts. This is definitely the most "Jungley" version of the song.

The Jayhawks

Stranded in the Jungle was originally released by the Jay Hawks the same year, but they only managed to reach #145 on the year end charts. This version doesn't quite capture the silliness of the bigger hit. The main singer (narrator?) doesn't really have the right delivery to sell the gut-ripping action and teeth-gnashing suspense of the storyline.

The Gdabouts

It was also recorded by The Gadabouts in 1956. It was a very good year for this song. They only made it to #240 on the charts. This version sounds like it was recorded by the Pipkins of Gimme Dat Ding fame.

Just in case you’ve never heard (or wish to hear again) the sublime silliness of Gimme Dat Ding., here she be. I fear we shall never know the Pipkins like again.

Alas, Stranded in the Jungle was never a hit again. Perhaps, because by the end of 1956, people were sick of hearing it, not matter who was singing it. Or perhaps a jittery public, still reeling from the twin horrors of the cold war and Soupy Sales, was incapable of handling the grab-you-by-the-gut-and-drag-you-through-the-underbrush action and suspense that pours out of this song like it was elephant shit.

So, grab a pith helmet, sit down with your favorite chimpanzee companion and enjoy.

This is the true skinny (including lyrics!) of Stranded in the Jungle. A great read.

If you'd like to own a little Pipkin of your very own, it's available here.

The Cadets version of this timeless love ballad is available here.

Robert Priest - Little Gun

Photobucket Photobucket

I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, so I’m typing this really, really fast. Nancy Reagan has never been a favorite of mine. I’ve always viewed her as a withered, hypocritical, anorexic, old witch. She’s someone who espouses morality and chastity in others even though she was several months pregnant when she married old Mr. Teflon. Apparently, she forgot to “Just Say No” when Ronnie’s pants came off after the party.

Even conservatives admit she was not a good mother. All her kids have been estranged from her at one time or another. (Perhaps her horoscope told her to be completely indifferent to her children.) Let’s face it, you couldn’t feed a hamster with those poisonous little milk bags she carries round.

This historically accurate prologue takes me all the way back to the early 80’s.
When I was but a young New Wave pup, my old band “Nobby Clegg” was asked to host a poetry in rock night at a local bar named “Scuffers”. It paid actual money, so we were more than delighted to help out. The various acts we introduced were of varying quality. Jane Sibbery (way, way before she sold all her worldly goods, including her name and became Issa) was there and even threw out a request for one of our songs, which was very cool. The highlight of the night though, was hearing a song by Robert Priest called Little Gun. Robert was inspired to write this piece of pop gold because of something Nancy had said in an interview. (See how this ingeniously harkens back to my prologue?) She was asked in an interview if she owned a gun. The first lady giggled and said yes, but it was only a little gun. No matter which side of the gun ownership fence you’re on, this statement is completely moronic. She might as well have said, yes but I only shoot midgets with it.

This wonderful little tune has stuck with me lo’ these many years. I am a proud owner of the 12 inch vinyl EP and have transferred it to that new-fangled digitally stuff. I recently wrote to Mr. Priest and asked permission to post this song, because it’s just too damn good to not be heard. He graciously gave his blessing. So here it is.

Robert Priest is a renowned, award winning Canadian poet and author. (Though, how many renowned authors haven’t won at least one award?) His Wiki page is below.


If you wish to dig further into Robert’s considerable oeuvre, (which I highly recommend) his official webpage is below.


And since we’re talking about Republicans, this is pretty darned funny and not that far of the reality mark.,281/

Apparently, the penalty for being completely, completely stupid is death.


This review even has an epilogue! Back in the 90’s I actually had Reagan’s birthday cake in my fridge. Yes, my refrigerator electricity, which I was paying for, was being used to keep Ronnie’s icing stiff. I do not, as a rule, donate money to either political party.

Interesting song - care of Chad F. Thanks for the tune.

Betty Johnson - Forgotten but Not Gone


Usually, when I rant and rave (and I do rant and rave, ask anyone who knows me) it’s concerning the under appreciated artists of the last twenty years whose brilliance is ignored while ever-so-cute-looking crap merchants drop their smelly loads all over the Billboard charts. Yes, I know this is not a new story. (Milli Vanilli, Madonna (sorry about the double brackets, but she is complete but very popular crap), Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson….) I have often pondered, (I don’t ponder nearly as much as I rant and rave but it has been known to happen) “Why is the music buying public so stupid?” (I’m not sure ponderings need quotation marks but I thought I’d err on the side of caution.) I have yet to figure it out. Elvis Costello, John Hiatt, The Old 97’s, Graham Parker, Josh Ritter, Jill Sobule et talented al, labor on for decades in relative obscurity when they should be richer than Bill Gates. At the moment they’re only all better looking that Bill Gates. That may make it a lot easier to get laid, but it doesn’t feed the bulldog. While I wouldn’t want to see his little highness, Justin Drew Bieber dropped from a plane onto Billy Idol’s hair spikes, I do lament that the more attention this dubiously talented moppet receives, the less time people spend listening to the likes of Bruce Cockburn or Nick Cave or Freedy Johnston.
This sad phenomenon is not a recent plague, however. The Eddie Fishers and Pat Boones of this world have also done massive damage to the pop charts by diverting attention from those far more deserving. One of their victims from the late 50’s may very well have been Betty Johnson.
If you are asking yourselves, “Who the hell is Betty Johnson?” then you have proved my point. Damn you Eddie! Damn you Pat!! She has a great voice and singing style (reminiscent of Doris Day) but seems to have totally faded from most people’s memories. Her biggest hit was I Dreamed. A very catchy little tune. She had another hit with Little Blue Man. Basically, it’s a song about a creepy little blue stalker who nearly drives his female victim insane with his eerie non-stop pronouncements of affection until she pushes him off a roof. Probably way ahead of it’s time. Perhaps her biggest mistake was marrying an investment banker in the early sixties and retiring from the business for twenty odd years. But, with the likes of James Darren and Bobby Vinton about to inflict their vocal chords upon the world, did she ever really have a fighting chance?

So relax, and look back fondly on someone you probably didn’t even know existed, and enjoy.

Little Blue Man – a disturbing and creepy little children’s song

1492 – A sparkling little pop song about a woman who would have totally destroyed history, if she’d just been given a chance – 1957

I Dreamed - 1957

If you wish to own any of these songs for your very own, you can get them at the site below.

The vital info on this criminally forgotten talent.


This is a pretty funny piece, and unfortunately, not far from reality for the massive loony wing on the Republican party.,281/

Apparently, the penalty for being completely, completely stupid is death.

Pricilla Wright - Man in the Raincoat


This peculiar song is a natural follow up to yesterday’s Little Blue Man. We’re transitioning from oddly colored stalkers with funny voices to just your average, run of the mill sexual deviants and the women who love them.
The all important back story:
I was going through an Early Girls in Rock Music box set the other day and I came upon Priscilla Wright singing a tune that stood well apart from everything else. This is a truly creepy song. It's sort of a "Girl meets pervert - Girl falls in love with pervert - Things don't work out so well but she still misses him" sort of song. The music, the fact that she sounds like she's in a shower at the beginning, the echoey footsteps and a whistle that's right out of a radio crime drama, just add to the overall weirdness of this tune. And it gets even creepier. When Ms. Wright recorded this, she was only 14 years old…and a Canadian! Yuck!
When I was in Canada, the people were so nice, we had to import all our penis wielding mad men from the United States.
Surprisingly, ( because I had never heard this disturbing little song before) it was a million seller in its day. It was so popular, it got her onto the Ed Sullivan Show. She also did several concerts with Elvis. Alas, just as she was about to go into acting and have her career really take off, her parents decided she needed a break from show business. Perhaps they felt she was just too Canadian to be rich and famous. Perhaps they felt she needed a break from Elvis? I wonder if he ever owned a raincoat.
Pricilla decided to make a comeback in the 1980’s and scored a top ten hit in Canada with a cover of Michael Bolton’s Heartbeat. She even rerecorded Man in A Raincoat in 1988 and scored another top ten hit with it. Some girls just can’t get enough of a bad thing. She is still performing and doing very well in her home and native land though she does routinely wake up in the middle of the night screaming and clawing at the dark.
I guess the moral of the story (and you girl listeners should hearken me well) is don't fall in love with a guy who exposes himself to young women in the rain, no matter how well he whistles.

The total skinny on the confused girl, herself.

And if you wish to purchase this song, even after listening to it, then so bit it. It's available here:

Here’s a version by Marion Marlowe. She was at least a legal adult when she started hanging around with perverts on street corners. He used to have to buy his his pink slips at Costco.

Vital info on Marion Marlowe – She was one of several thousand people to be fired by Arthur Godfrey.

PLUS! Those New Yorkers really know how to live, don’t they?

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Why Don't You Know Who They Are?


(disclaimer: This is obviously addressed, mostly, to my non-English audience)
One of the great tragedies of the music business is its audience. Who are these people and why do they listen to so much utter crap while absolutely great bands simply go unnoticed by the thumb-up-their-ears public? Why do artists so deserving of great riches end up performing as the midweek middle act at a pay-to-play gig at The Mint? The whole thing is unfathomable. (I once saw The Call playing at the Mint and if you glued the entire audience together, they still wouldn’t have weighed as much as the lead singer.) (And if you are standing next to me at a concert, don’t sing along with the performer, okay? I don’t care that you’re his biggest fan and you want to prove it by showing everyone that you know all the words to his entire catalogue. I paid 35 dollars to hear Rhett Miller’s voice, not some sweaty dickhead, nursing his 17th Samuel Adams.)
Now, back to the point I was trying to make:
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, (and they were certainly sensational) in their heyday, couldn’t have drawn a crowd of flies in this country if they were all wearing dog turd earrings. Luckily SAHB (as they were also known) had a huge following in Britain. (The British may not be able to cook anything, but they certainly know their music)
Young Alex had been kicking around in blues bands and the pit orchestra of Hair etc. for a number of years. Then, one evening in 1972, Alex decides to go see a band called Tear Gas. He’s so knocked out by these guys that he goes backstage and convinces them to be his backup band. The next thing you know, they’re playing stadiums. SAHB were one of the first groups to put theatricality into their stage shows. And Alex was not afraid to be goofy. A mix of great originals and inspired covers make these guys well worth adding to your collection. “There’s No Lights on the Christmas Tree Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight”, “Gangbang”, (I swear, every time I attend a gang bang, I start humming this tune) “Sergeant Fury” and “Framed” are just a few of the gems that this lighthearted ensemble has waiting for you to discover. Please, please, please discover these guys. You won’t be disappointed. (unless you have absolutely no taste: see top of post)

Alas, Alex is no longer with us. Dead at 47 of a massive heart attack while waiting for a ferry ride. Rock and roll is not very kind to its employees.

So sit back, wonder why all those around you are tasteless shitheads, and enjoy.

Here is the vital info on the band voted 5th best Scottish Band of all time. (They were actually better than all the other Scottish bands ahead of them but it was voted on by Scotsmen who were probably drunk at the time.)

Alex Harvey - Jacques Brel’s “Next” (it really makes you think twice about standing in the happy line at a cut rate whore house)

Alex and the boys tackle Delilah – This is live and wonderfully silly, but his studio version has always been my favorite version.

Added visual bonus: You can sit and listen to this nice Alex Harvey song while watching a crow play soccer on a roof!

Boston Tea Party - If only Alex had put out this song this year instead of being dead, he could have made millions from a certain political party. Unfortunately, being ahead of your time will never make you a nickel.

If you wish to purchase some of this Sensational music, you can find it here:

I love this sort of story.


Isn't this what we all think the South is like? Apparently, we're not wrong.

Golden Earring - Like You've Never Heard Them!


Golden Earring may only be known for Radar Love
and Twilight Zone

In this country but this group has been thrilling their homeland audiences out of their big wooden shoes for decades. Golden Earring (Formerly Golden Earrings. I guess Golden Earrings was just too tough to say, so they dropped the “S”) has been together since 1961 and has over 40 hits and over 30 gold and platinum albums to their name…just not here. It can easily be said that Golden Earring are the Status Quo (They have recorded over 60 chart hits in the UK , more than any other rock group in history…and this means the Beatles and the Stones! 22 of these have reached the UK Top Ten) of Holland.
They're a band that no one in North America has ever heard of but has a giant catalog of international hits.
One of Gold Earring’s singles (That Day) prevented Michelle by the Beatles from reaching number one in Holland . Ever heard of it? Well hear it is. (that’s not a typo, just a really cool, music reviewer play on words. Everything else that’s misspelled is most definitely a typo)

The vital skinny on these two completley unknown mega-bands

Golden Earring is mostly known, by those not kept dry and alive by giant walls of cement and steel, as a medium hard rock band. It was not always thus. I happened by chance on a retrospective that delved back into their mid-sixties oeuvre and discovered that they were popmeisters of the highest Dutch order. “Daddy Buy Me A Girl” may not be everyone’s cup of tea but its sixties autoharped-drenched innocence really appealed to me. Oh, if only I’d have had a father that could have bought me a girl back then when rejection and indifference from the opposite sex was turning me into a comedy writer!

So sit back, put on your funny shaped white hat, chomp down on a big piece of salted licorice and snap your fingers to the Beatles of the Netherlands.

Daddy, Won’t You Buy Me A Girl – Not what you expect from Holland’s biggest band.

Dong Dong Diki Digi Dong (1969) – A very silly title but quite a catchy song…and it went number one with a bullet out Holland way.

A Charles Bukowski poem. Very nice.

Plus! Plus!!!

This is very cute.,17491/


Here is Discount Romance’s very first single and video. Now available on I-Tunes and Amazon!

This is their promo video.


Click this for their blog with news, demos, videos and goofy-captioned pictures of the band.

Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest single.

Here is the latest Death of the Author Brigade video.

Simple Song

And here’s the latest song by Death of the Author Brigade:

'Boy Next Door' is a bouncy little tune about a girl taking "Being Neighborly" to the next level. Who lives across the lawn from you?

And here is Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest video. Enjoy the spectacle.

Danyel Gerard – Looking very French indeed.


Danyel Gerard (Gérard Daniel Kherlakian) was actually born with his named spelled correctly but seeing as how he was born in Paris to Armenian and Italian parents and grew up mainly in Brazil, a little confusion in his life is probably to be expected. At one point early in his career, the musical powers that be tried to turn him into the French Elvis. (It would have been hard for him to die on a toilet though, as the French so very rarely use them.) That plan didn’t really go very well but Danyel did become one of France’s first real rock stars. Such as French rock stars are. (see earlier Radio Vickers rant to understand this subtle but snide comment) He started out as mainly a singer but eventually got into songwriting for other people.
In the early sixties, he scored a major hit for himself with a cover of Pat Boone’s “Speedy Gonzalez (Le petit Gonzales) You see what a mess French music is? People over there were covering Pat Boone songs!!!
Ups and downs in his career followed and then!......
In 1971 though, Mr. Gerard (formerly Mr. Kherlakian with the preceding Daniel spelled correctly) hit the big time. His song Butterfly sold over seven million copies. Have you heard it? Well obviously, you’ve been hanging around with the wrong 7 million people. Fear not, if you go a little further down the page, you can gorge yourself on this bouncy little piece of pop. (I have it in three, count ‘em, three languages) Of course, the U.S., in all its unilateral wisdom, was one of the few nations that gave this major hit the cold shoulder. It only made it to #445 on our charts. It concerns a man of a certain age who is probably banging a young beauty. (the butterfly) He knows that she will eventually leave him for someone who doesn’t need pills and a leg pump to satisfy her, but he’s asking her to just stay a little longer before she flies away. It has that kind of typically European sing-a-long chorus that would not be out of place on an Abba single.
Although Danyel has more hits during the 70’s, he never matched is 7 million seller. Gee, how hard could that have been. He retired in the eighties and now spends most of his time being old.

So sit back, try to imagine Danyel with a big gut, mutton chops and a belt buckle the size of a helipad, and enjoy.

Speedy Gonzales (Le Petit Gonzales) This is wild. If you thought the English version of this song was silly. Wait till you get your eyeballs on this baby!

The Pat Boone version for the braver among you. It’s so deliciously unpolitically correct.

Butterfly – In English

Butterfly – in German

Butterfly – In French (with wonderfully naughty pictures of Brigitte Bardo)

Mr. International’s Wiki page.

If you wish to do a little Butterfly collecting yourself, you can get the CD here.

Plus!! This is really cool.

Plus!! Plus!! And now way I’m not putting this up just because I gave up eating chicken about 20 years ago.

City Boy – A Band as Large as its Audience


I’ll try not to rant and rave too much today, but Jesus people! These guys weren’t even that popular in England. (the gold standard of pop and rock and roll taste throughout the universe) City Boy is terrific, rockin’ sextet that, even in their heyday weren’t very popular. Bad, bad music buying public! They have 7 albums out. Can you name one? If you said City Boy, then…you’d be right but my guess is your were cheating because almost every band in the world names at least one album after themselves. You were just going with the odds, admit it.
I can remember buying my first City Boy album at Starr Records (owned by a crusty but relatively benign eccentric who really knew his stuff) in Oshawa, lo those many years ago. I immediately became a fan as any sane human being would. They offered excellent musicianship, good singing and catchy inventive tunes that aren’t all about love and broken hearts. (There’s nothing wrong with love and broken heart songs but occasionally you want to hear a bouncy ditty about violent military coup d'états. City Boy has one of those) Now, there have been critics who have said that these guys are just 10cc wannabes. Drop dead. I even had one friend who thought they were trying to be Queen. Huh? I always keep an amazingly open mind when it comes to music, but those nay sayers are completely without taste and possibly psychotic.
The songs below speak for themselves. (or sing for themselves, you choose)
Now I will admit that the video for The Day the Earth Caught Fire is totally, totally stupid. (Perhaps rock and roll isn’t ready for a lead singer who looks like Robert Pastorelli from Murphy Brown.) Can bad videos cost you a career? If so, then perhaps that explains everything. If the Earth ever did catch fire, the first thing you’d want to see consumed in the merciless flames of unholy conflagration would be the master tape for this piece of ill conceived vacuity.
But taken as songs, Dinner at the Ritz et al, will give you an idea of the well, well above average talent level of this band. I’m not saying they’re as good as U2, (though U2 aren’t nearly as good as U2 anymore) but I could certainly name a couple of thousand bands that sold millions of records that these guys are way better than. (Journey comes to mind, but then again Journey always comes to mind when I’m thinking of bands that are huge and suck)
Can you believe it took till 2009 for all their albums to be released on CD? This planet has just got to starting getting its musical priorities right.

City Boy – Dinner at the Ritz (a wonderful piece of music and a personal favorite of the wife’s)

City Boy – Heads are Rolling (a bouncy ditty about violent military coup d'états, anyone?)

City Boy – The Earth’s on Fire (Do not have anything breakable underneath your jaw when watching this one.)

City Boy - Young Men Gone West (My introduction to these guys)

The City Boy Website

The Wiki Page

More cool stuff discovered by the Hubble Telescope. This thing just keeps on giving.

Plus!! Plus!!!

Goodbye, everyone!


Here is Discount Romance’s very first single and video. Now available on I-Tunes and Amazon!

This is their promo video.


Click this for their blog with news, demos, videos and goofy-captioned pictures of the band.

Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest single.

Here is the latest Death of the Author Brigade video.

Simple Song

And here’s the latest song by Death of the Author Brigade:

'Boy Next Door' is a bouncy little tune about a girl taking "Being Neighborly" to the next level. Who lives across the lawn from you?

And here is Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest video. Enjoy the spectacle.

Laughables #1


It was a surprise to everyone when figure skater Patrick Lauzon suddenly gave birth to a 105-pound woman during the free dance competition.

Buddy Hackett - Chinese Rock 'n' Egg Roll


Buddy Hackett will be remembered for many things besides being an obscene fat guy with no fashion sense. Perhaps he’ll be remembered for his dazzling performance of Shapoopi in Music Man where he practically redefined what was meant by the word “dancing”.
Perhaps his empathetic performance of Lou Costello in the story of Abbot and Costello opposite Harvey Korman will win him historical plaudits. His laugh riot performance in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World could earn him eternal remembrance. Or perhaps his lovable 2D portrayal of Scuttle in The Little Mermaid will forever cement his place in history.
But, I’m guessing, not many of his fans will remember him for this lively little tune, even though Chinese Rock 'n' Egg Roll did manage to rise to #461on the 1956 year end charts.
I like this song because I so despise political correctness. This song falls every so slightly short of that lofty P.C. goal. It’s so wonderfully insulting. Yes, you didn’t have to worry about parsing every syllable of every word so you didn’t offend the smallest interest group or demographic in those days. A man was a man and he said what he felt. Unless he was a commie, a long hair, an equal rights sympathizer, a non smoker or, of course, a woman.
It seems to be an attack on the young of 1956, their clothing choices and rock and roll. Perhaps. It’s very hard to tell what the point of this single is. It sounds like he’s making most of it up as he’s going along. Even for the lighter humor stylings of the 1950’s, this ain’t particularly funny. (Unless you think someone screaming in a faux Chinese accent is funny. Buddy obviously did.)

So, pull your eyes back so they look like you're squinting, protrude your front teeth half way across the room and enjoy.

If you have a hankerin’ to watch Shipoopi again (or for the first time!) here it is.

If, after watching the video, you thirst for yet more information about this odd little number. Be slaked here.

Can’t seem to find Chinese Rock 'n' Egg Roll on sale anywhere. (I have a copy if you’re desperate. )
But his equally PC Chinese Waiter routine is available at the site below.


Republicans have yet to learn that the freedom that they hold up as the most sacred of Constitutional rights, applies to things that they don’t like as well. You can’t pick and choose. They steadfastly believe in States Rights as long as it isn’t euthanasia, legalizing marijuana, gay marriage or pollution and fuel efficiency laws. Picking and choosing isn’t having principles, it’s being an asshole.