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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Niki Minaj article by beth


There is a saying taken from one of the oldest books on earth that has made its way into pop culture, and stayed firmly implanted there for many years. Put simply, there is nothing new that has not been recycled from something else. Music is one example. Have you ever wondered why we have that little tab on iTunes that classifies all of our music into neat little packages of pop, alternative, rap, etc? I know for myself, I wonder how we can put something so indefinable as a song into something so small as a one or two word description. I listen to everything, and to me, there are differences present in each.

Who are we really kidding, though? Right now, we have many trends running through our headphones, including the infamous auto tune, which makes everyone sound like a million dollar record deal, even if they are simply Antoine Dodson of “The Bed Intruder Song” (if you haven’t heard this by now, I would like to know which rock you are living under so I can hide there as well) mouthing off about his sister’s attempted rape.


Another trend that is very apparent in music right now has less to do with the actual music, and more with how it looks. With the appearance of highly visual artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Niki Minaj, we are being treated to something that is hailed as fresh and new. In reality, artists are simply catering to a generation inundated with bright, candy colored visuals in every aspect of life. 3D movies, HD video, Smart Phones, flat screen TVs, we have all these available at our fingertips, and to keep up, a generation of ultra visual performers have been spawned. From outrageous outfits, wigs, colored contacts to dangerously perky breasts, we are in the midst of a sensory overload that has little to do with the quality of the music being released.


Niki Minaj appeared on Good Morning America on August 5th 2011, dressed in a very shiny, very pink jacket and a plastic skirt that looked like something out of a science fiction movie. What everyone really cared about was the nipple that not only peeked but came roaring out of her sports bra-esque top on national television. I don’t think anyone would have been surprised to hear a small yet manic voice screaming “IM FREE” as the now infamous nipple escaped the confines of something that should only be worn under a shirt (preferably when exercising). When you keep something caged in a super- push up bra that long, things are bound to escape at some point.


In case Photobucket takes the picture down, which it most likely will, the link to see this picture can be found here:

For those not familiar with Ms. Minaj's work...

Here is Super Bass

Massive Attack feat. Sean Garrett.


Discount Romance is coming out with its very first single and video very soon.

This is their promo video.


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Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest single.

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Simple Song

And here’s the latest song by Death of the Author Brigade:

'Boy Next Door' is a bouncy little tune about a girl taking "Being Neighborly" to the next level. Who lives across the lawn from you?

And here is Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest video. Enjoy the spectacle.

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