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Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Vinyl Attic - Spider - Self Titled (1972)

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 Spider - Self Titled (1972)

 I just committed the unpardonable sin of opening up a sealed record. It was remaindered, so chances are it was opened and repackaged. The vinyl is in very good shape. I gave it an extra minute of washing, just to make sure I was getting all the 45 year old gunk out of the grooves. The music is pretty good. The girl sounds a tiny bit like Melanie at times. Pass It On is a pretty groovin' song. All-n-all - I'm glad I opened this sucker up.

Tracklist Hide Credits

A1 May 16th
Written-By – Dan Moore
A2 Alice In Wonderland
Written-By – Hoyt Axton
A3 It's Alright
Written-By – Alan Parker
A4 Little Love Song
Written-By – Michael Deasy*
A5 Tell Me That You Love Me
Written-By – Michael Clough
A6 Southwind
Written-By – Jeff Thomas
B1 Pass It On
Written-By – Michael Clough
B2 Can't Let You Go
Written-By – Alan Parker
B3 Puppets
Written-By – Michael Deasy*
B4 Revival
Written-By – Jeff Thomas
B5 Burnin'
Written-By – L. Knechtel*, M. Deasy*

*Karen Brian - Vocals
*Michael Clough - Vocals
*Rusty Cope - Bass
*Michael Crowley - Piano, Vocals
Additional Musicians
*Jim Keltner - Drums
*Lee Sklar - Bass
*Max Bennett - Bass
*Carl Radle - Bass
*Jim Gordon - Drums
*Mike Deasy - Guitar
*Alan Parker - Guitar
*Red Rhodes - Steel Guitar
*Larry Knechtel - Keyboards
*Allan Beutler - Sax
*Jim Horn - Sax, Horn Arrangements
*Jack Kelson - Sax
*Chuck Findley - Trumpet
*Ollie Mitchell - Trumpet
*Dick “Slyde” Hyde - Trombone
*Gary Coleman - Percussion
*King Errisson - Congas
*Rita Jean Bodine - Background Vocals
*Kathy Deasy - Background Vocals
*Venetta Fields - Background Vocals
*Gwen Johnson - Background Vocals
*Clydie King - Background Vocals
*Dee Barton - String Arrangements

My Vinyl Attic - Terry Crawford - Total Loss of Control (1986)

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Terry Crawford - Total Loss of Control (1986) 

 Picked this up in Toronto. The sound of the vinyl is great. The sound of the era permeates the entire record. All Fairlights and 80's sounding guitars. It's a shame a voice this good is stuck with average material.


A1 First Step 4:28
A2 So Nice To See You 4:14
A3 One Night 4:28
A4 We're Just Friends 3:12
A5 On A Night Like This 4:12
B1 I'll Be Back 3:17
B2 Standing In The Shadows Of Love 2:57
B3 How Do I Get You 4:11
B4 Life Without You 4:19
B5 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 2:55

Info stolen from This Great Site
Terri (Terry) Crawford met her future husband Rick Johnson, while attending high school in Winnipeg. They formed The Terry Crawford band together in 1971. They were married in 1975 and moved to Ontario in 1976.

In 1979, the band consisted of lead vocalist Terri, Rick on guitar, John Hannah on drums, Al Corbeil on bass guitar and Dale Saunders on keyboards. This unit hired manager, Allan Katz who in turn, signed the band to RCA Records and they set about recording their first, self-titled album. The album was recorded in Montreal at Listen Audio Studios and was released in the summer of 1980. It was produced by Richard Blakin and Dixon Van Winkle (Paul McCartney, Men Without Hats). The first single "(Maybe You Think I’m a) Dreamer" was pick of the week in Billboard magazine in February 1981. Crawford received her first JUNO Award nomination for 'Most Promising Female Vocalist' . The band toured Canada extensively through 1980 to 82 establishing itself as one of the must see Canadian rock/pop acts.

1982 saw the band return to the studio to record their sophomore album, 'Good Girl Gone Bad', which was produced by manager Allan Katz and Memphis producer, Carl Marsh. The singles, “Running’, "Get Away”, “Chocolate Candy” and “The Gunfighter” received extensive airplay and allowed them to tour and perform with Toronto, Chilliwack, The Romantics and The Beach Boys among others. Crawford was again nominated for a JUNO award in 1983.

They released album number three for RCA, 'Virgin Heart', in late 1983 and was once again produced by Katz and Marsh. The album contained their biggest hit single in the Gary O'Connor (Aerial) written “One Time for Old Times”. The song would have a second life in the hands of  .38 Special as a hit for them stateside.
Endless touring took it’s toll on the band and by the end of 1984, Crawford and Johnson were looking for another new band and a new recording company. It was at this point that Edmonton's Bryan Feland moved to Ontario to join the band.
With a new record deal through Attic Records, the trio worked together on the fourth Terry Crawford album entitled 'Total Loss of Control'. The album was produced by Tim Thorney and Joel Feeney with additional help from Attic's Brian Allen (ex-Toronto member) for a 1986 release. The singles “I’ll Be Back” and “First Step” received extensive airplay. The band also produced its first video for the song “First Step” which was rotated on Much Music and other national video programs. They toured across Canada again with The Beach Boys in the summer of 1987 at stadiums in major city centres.

Since taking the band off the road in 1988 to start a family in their home north of Toronto, Crawford and Johnson have recorded four children’s CD’s as Terri & Rick. Crawford also does professional singing and voice-over work in the jingle industry for clients in Canada and overseas

1996 saw Crawford, Johnson and Feland re-united for a benefit concert in Oshawa, Ontario and they decided after the successful gig to form a cover band called The Retro Rockets. Then, in July 2000, Crawford and Johnson returned to Winnipeg for a high school reunion and got to perform with the other original members of the Terry Crawford band - Scott Gair, Birch Nero and Tony Ward.

Johnson took up politics and ran against John Tory in the 2009 by-election for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock district and won. 2011 finds The Terry Crawford Band with a new pop/rock CD entitled 'Life Lines'. The band is made up of original members, Rick Johnson (guitar), Dale Saunders (keyboards), Bryan Feland (Guitar), along with Bill King (drums) and Steve Steele (bass).

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Vinyl Attic - Moe Koffman - The Best Of Vol. 2 (1983)

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 Moe Koffman - The Best Of Vol. 2 (1983)

Well, this was actually supposed to be a Terry Crawford album. That was the cover, anyway. I bought it in Toronto for a buck (so, I guess I didn't get ripped off too badly). This is actually pleasant in that sort of light jazz/light funky jazz sort of way. Not what I expected though. Vinyl is very good shape. Sounds great...but, it's still not Terry Crawford. 
The second pisser - The second side is appreciably lower in volume than the first - so I had to digitize the fucker twice!

Tracklist Hide Credits

A1 Museum Piece
Written-By – Koffman*
A2 Stanloo
Written-By – Dale*
A3 Aire D'Or (Melody Of Gold)
Written-By – Riley*, Koffman*
A4 Things Are Looking Up
Written-By – Koffman*
A5 Singing Voices
Written-By – Riley*, Koffman*
B1 Jungle Woman
Written-By – Riley*
B2 Pharoah's Dream
Written-By – Morell*
B3 Minstrel's Hymn
Written-By – Koffman*
B4 Tribal War Dance
Written-By – Koffman*
B5 Evolution Blues
Written-By – Koffman*

Info Stolen from This Great Site 

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC (28 December 1928 – 28 March 2001) was a Canadian jazz saxophonist and flautist, as well as composer and arranger. During a career spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s, Koffman was one of Canada's most prolific musicians, working variously in clubs and sessions. With his 1957 record Hot and Cool Saxophone on the New York-based Jubilee label, Koffman became one of the first Canadian jazz musicians to record a full-length album. Koffman was also a long-time member of Rob McConnell's Boss Brass, one of the country's longest-lasting and most prolific bands.
Born in Toronto, Koffman began his musical studies in his native city with Gordon Delamont. He attended the Toronto Conservatory of Music, now the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, where he was a student of Samuel Dolin but later dropped out of school to perform in dance bands. In 1950, he moved to the United States, where he played with big bands including those of Sonny Dunham and Jimmy Dorsey. In 1955, he returned to Toronto where he formed a quartet and later a quintet. He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann and Yusef Lateef and later Jeremy Steig as great influential jazz flute players. "Swinging Shepherd Blues" was a hit in the United States, reaching #23 on the Billboard pop chart.
Koffman was inspired by Rahsaan Roland Kirk to play multiple instruments at once; and had a modified set of straps to hold a tenor and an alto saxophone so that he could put forward incredible chords and improvise at the same time. One of the more famous session musicians in Toronto, he appeared in countless commercials, background music, and film and TV soundtracks. Most work on bass flute in Canadian soundtracks from 1950 to 1990 in Toronto sessions was done by Koffman on this rare instrument. Koffman was also an exponent of circular breathing techniques for his large volumes of sound, and joined fellow Canadian Maynard Ferguson and new age multi-instrumentalist musician Ron Allen in this talent.
During the 1970s, Koffman recorded several popular albums with arrangements of works by classical composers including Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi. He also was a guest performer with a number of symphony orchestras across Canada.
He performed with Dizzy Gillespie and Peter Appleyard during the 1980s. He often performed with Rob McConnell's Boss Brass. From 1956 to 1990, Koffman booked performers for George's Spaghetti House in Toronto, where he performed weekly. His compositions "Curried Soul" and "Koff Drops" have been used as the opening and closing themes respectively for the CBC radio show As It Happens for over 30 years, and are consequently probably his best-known recordings.
Koffman died of cancer in Orangeville, Ontario in 2001 at the age of 72. He had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma about a year earlier. Some of his music for Duke Street Records remains unreleased; however Music for the Night was released and re-issued in 2007, and Devil's Brew was re-issued in 2009.
He was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1993 and inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1997. In 2002, Moe Koffman was a MasterWorks honouree (video clip) by the Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada.

My Vinyl Attic - Toradertrioen - Fra Hallingdal (1975)

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  Toradertrioen - Fra Hallingdal (1975)

When I saw this in Toronto, for a measly Canadian buck, I couldn't resist. I'm not the world's biggest polka lover, but I'm happy to have this in my collection. It moves along like most polka songs do. 

  1. «Reinlendern nordafjels»
  2. «Kvislavalsen»
  3. «Gommoguten, reinlender»
  4. «Durspelpolkaen»
  5. «Sjugurd i peise»
  6. «Tvitolingen, reinlender»
  7. «Aslaugs vals»
  8. «Svensk-norsk polka (viggen)»
  9. «Seinsommarvals»
  10. «Polka fra Krødsherad»
  11. «Holingen, reinlender»
  12. «Musehaugen, halling»
  13. «Svensk-norsk masurka»
  14. «Toradergubben, reinlender»
  15. «Kalkulinna, vals»
  16. «Salt og peppar, polka»
 Info stolen from This Great Site
The Toradertrioen , also known as the Toradertrioen from Hallingdal , is a folk music group consisting of first three and eventually torrent players from Hallingdal . Between 1975 and 1981 , the group released five albums that sold a total of 100,000 copies. The group won the 1976 Gamleman Prize in the folk music / old dance class for his second album. Thanks for the last time .
After not having been active for many years, the group performed again on the Norwegian Folk Music Week 2007 .


My Vinyl Attic - Mother Hen - Self Titled (1971)

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Mother Hen - Self Titled (1971) 

Some great players on this record. Danny Kootch, Clarence White etc. Ms. Hen has a reedy voice. This is a nice sounding album - amazing considering it's the dreaded Dynaflex shit that RCA was dumping on the public at the time. Well worth a listen. 


A1 Sing Evermore
A2 My Granny's Face
A3 Goodbye Old Razzle Dazzle
A4 Lookout Charlie
A5 Man From Aberdeen
B1 America The Landlords Dream
B2 Naked King
B3 He's Alive And Remembers
B4 Old Before Your Time
B5 Passage Back

Info stolen from This Great Site

Jane Getz is an American jazz pianist and session musician. Getz learned classical piano as a child and began playing jazz at the age of nine.[citation needed] She lived in California early in life but when she was sixteen moved to New York City. There she immediately found work playing with Pony Poindexter and later performed with Charles Mingus, Herbie Mann, Stan Getz, Roland Kirk, Jay Clayton, Charles Lloyd, and Pharoah Sanders.[citation needed]
In the early 1970s Getz returned to Los Angeles and found work as a studio musician. She recorded country music for RCA Records under the name Mother Hen, and appeared on albums by The Bee Gees, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Rick Roberts, and John Lennon, among others. During this period, Getz wrote the title track for the 1973 Jimmie Spheeris album The Original Tap Dancing Kid.
Getz went into semi-retirement from jazz at this period, but began playing jazz again in the 1990s. She was with Dale Fielder's quartet in Los Angeles from 1995. Her first jazz record as a leader, No Relation, appeared in 1996.

My Vinyl Attic- Wings - Self Titled (1968)

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Wings - Self Titled (1968)

Nice sound. The record seems to be in great shape. Of course, my Klaudio Record cleaner probably deserves a lot of the credit. This has very pleasant folk/rock groove. Some nice harmonies. It is of its time but I don't think that is a bad thing. Name of the Game reminds me of the Mamas and Papas. Good tune.


A1 See Someone Hangin'
Written By – Oz Bach
A2 That's Not Real
Written By – Jim Mason, Pam Robins
A3 General Bringdown
Written By – Jim Mason, Oz Bach, Pam Robins
A4 First Time Is The Last
Written By – Oz Bach
A5 What Do I Know
Written By – Jim Mason
B1 Pretty Little Girl
Written By – Oz Bach
B2 Takin' It Lazy (Takin' It Easy/Lazy Afternoon)
Arranged By – Steve Knight (2)Written By – Jim Mason, Oz Bach, Pam Robins
B3 Shrinking Violet
Written By – Pam Robins
B4 Different Kind Of Woman
Written By – Jim Mason, Oz Bach, Pam Robins
B5 Changes (Keep Coming About)
Written By – Oz Bach
B6 Give Me Your Love
Written By – Jim Mason, Oz Bach, Pam Robins


 Info Stolen from This Great Site
Wings was a folk rock band from the late sixties (not to be confused with the band later formed by Paul McCartney). The band members were veterans from an assortment of other sixties bands. Initially, the band was made up of Oz Bach of Spanky and Our Gang on bass, Pam Robins of Serendipity Singers sang, and on guitar Eddie Simon, younger brother of Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel. Before their first and only album was recorded, Eddie Simon was replaced with Jim Mason who co-wrote the Peter, Paul and Mary song "I Dig Rock and Roll Music". Also playing in the band were keyboardist Steve Knight, who later joined Mountain, Jefferson Airplane drummer Jerry Peloquin, and guitarist Jack McNichol.

In the summer of 1968, the band began playing as an opening act for Big Brother and the Holding Company and Sly and the Family Stone. They soon signed to the record label ABC Dunhill Records, and recorded their only album at Sunset Sound with producer Steve Barri.
The band's name comes from a small slip of paper that was sent to Jim Mason with the word "Wings" written on it.
They had hoped to replace the Mamas & the Papas, but the band split before the end of the year. Only the song "General Bringdown" made a mark on the charts. .

My Vinyl Attic - The Missles - More Than a Friend (1979)

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The Missles - More Than a Friend (1979) 

Interesting album. Got it at my local record store. Not sure whether this is Canadian or not. It was recorded and mixed in Winnipeg. The music bounces back and forth between country and polkas. Kind of enjoyable. There is a guy on this album though who really can't sing. 
Can't find anything on the internet about these guys. Any info most welcome. 


01 Jamacain Holiday
02 Cheatin' Days
03 Len's Polka
04 More Than a Friend
06 Baby Doll Polka
07 Lucille
08 Just Another Beer Song
09 Happy Drifter
10 Good Hearted Woman
11 Blue Hawaii
12 Rockin' Polka